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In a general explanation, Lean thinking minimizes the production and delivery of surplus. The strategies employed under lean minimize the creation and supply of goods and services that exceed the market demand…
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Lean thinking - questions
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Lean thinking affiliation Lean thinking Lean thinking refers to the ability to maximize on its operation. In a general explanation, Lean thinking minimizes the production and delivery of surplus. The strategies employed under lean minimize the creation and supply of goods and services that exceed the market demand. Human relations in lean dictate the level that employee relate to the practices embraced by the organization. Lean thinking requires training of human resources to operate as required by the organization. This may require an effective human resource management strategy that would effectively monitor the conduct of employees. In addition, human relations require understanding the market requirements (Womack & Jones, 2010).
All strategies employed in the organization should aim at acquiring the quality and quantity as demanded by the consumer. Consequently, this should be done to minimize the production of goods and services that would not require improvement upon delivery to the consumer. In an argument by Womack & Jones (2010) human relations in lean thinking aim at maximizing the production process of the organization at a lower cost but matching the demand of the consumer. The authors further point out that lean thinking significantly depends on effective human relations strategies to minimize risks that may arise from the fluctuating demand levels (Womack & Jones, 2010).
In an organization, flow promoting tools and practices are required. A fallow promoting tool refers to the ability of an organization top put in place strategies to ensure the entire of process from production to product delivery is effectively carried out. The main tool and practice flow-promoting tool is a good management team (Womack & Jones, 2010). This ensures that there is the creation and management of an effective organization culture. The organizational culture should promote employee productivity and maximize on the resources available to the organization.
In the transformation of the GM car factory, the changes made were in the conduct of employee (Liker, 2004). Prior to the change, the employee culture could not match the quality demanded by the consumers. Employee reported to work late. There were numerous cases of drug and substance abuse. Other cases reported included sexual incidences and sabotaging quality of vehicles created (Liker, 2004). For this reason, the company produced cars that were detested by the market. Considering the competition of the industry, the organization recorded poor sales at it moved towards bankruptcy. Before its taking over by Toyota, the company was almost facing closure as a result of poor employee management and conduct.
After Toyota had taken over, the employee culture was changed (Liker, 2004). A more responsible employee culture was created. This required a total change of the organization culture that would change the employee perception of the management team. After a few months, the change was impactful. The vehicles produced recorded better sales as the market was pleased with their quality. In addition, the entire image of the organization was changed. Employees with poor working cultures were suspended as the organization maximized on the excess number of employee. For instance, employees were able to work in shifts which increased their level of productivity.
Liker, J. (2004).The Toyota Way. New York: McGraw Hill.
Womack, J. &Jones, D. (2010). Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation. New York: Simon and Schuster. Read More
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