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The passage depicted about the hard decisions, one need to choose in their professional life. The author stated that she started to work in her father’s company, post…
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Will Your Passion Find Purpose
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Will Your Passion Find Purpose? Summary of the Chosen Account or Accounts The account that has been chosen comprises of “Bridging Two Worlds” penned by Sanyogita Aggarwal. The passage depicted about the hard decisions, one need to choose in their professional life. The author stated that she started to work in her father’s company, post completion of her studies. However, her ideas, passion and ambitions were not in alignment with the working culture that prevailed in her father’s company. “Qatar Debate” is another account that has been taken into consideration for the study. Penned by Andrew Goodman, it mainly depicts about the leadership challenges in the gulf region (Coleman & et al., 2012). I have chosen these accounts as it hold relevance with my personal dilemma regarding professional life.
Analysis of the Individuals and their Leadership
In the passage presented by Sanyogita Aggarwal, she discussed about how proper leadership approach can ensure utmost satisfaction of the employees and enhance their performance even in a family owned business. It has also been learnt from this account that leaders must bestow care for the employees and followers, which will further make them realize about the importance of their presence in any business. The account of Andrew Goodman taught me about how leaders can reduce cultural division amid a diversified workforce. These vital understanding might act fruitful for me as a leader (Burns, 2012; Coleman & et al., 2012).
Compare the Values, Ethics, and Goals of the Leaders
In both the accounts, it is apparent that leaders must have their own values, which should be kept intact in any given situation. However, the accounts further showed that each leader must have their own work ethics that they can use to steer the followers or employees. Apart from that it has also been learnt that leaders must be goal focused in order to attain effectiveness in their approach (Coleman & et al., 2012).
Burns, J. M. (2012). Leadership. US: Open Road Media.
Coleman, J., Gulati, D., & Segovia, W. O. (2012). Passion and purpose. Harvard Business Review, 1-311. Read More
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Will Your Passion Find Purpose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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