4-1 Control Freaks and Toilets - Book Report/Review Example

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What is important is the willingness of the implementing agency/individuals of the legislation to make the best of it for the welfare of the people for…
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4-1 Control Freaks and Toilets
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Book Report/Review, Business Topic: 4 Control Freaks and Toilets Response to what some other student has posted:
In a democratic society problems pave for the enactment of legislation, but legislations alone will not solve the problems. What is important is the willingness of the implementing agency/individuals of the legislation to make the best of it for the welfare of the people for whose benefit the legislation was enacted. The post of the student is good in parts but the observation “that the people elect the representatives and collectively speak the voice of the people” is partially correct. Unfortunately that does not happen. The representatives speak what is politically convenient for them and as rightly pointed out by him in the concluding part of the post, “the power of special interest groups and threats from partisan agendas that influence elected officials.” When this has become the way of life for politicians, people suffer.
My response to the observations of Rand Paul:
Rand Paul is not talking about the importance of high-rise buildings and amenities at the modern airports. He articulates how properly functioning toilets contribute an increased sense of dignity. He goes short of demanding a White Paper on the subject of toilets in the residences. Toilet is an essential facility that goes to control levels of infections and disease. He complains about the high cost of toilet accessories, their shipping charges, how the parts that can be locally manufactured are imported without rhyme or reason. He articulates how the choices of the consumers are restricted and the attitude of the government and the producers is an affront to the sensibilities of the consumers! Rand Paul is one hundred percent right in his observations. When it is necessary to control, the control is necessary but when the control is not necessary, it is necessary not to control!
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