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Business memo - Essay Example

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The college has managed to incorporate most of the strategies necessary for reader-centered communication. For instance, the writing style…
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Business memo
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Download file to see previous pages This makes it possible for people to understand what kind of information they are likely to find under each sector. The website also contains a list these sectors at the top of the website. This is another strategy that makes access of information faster by eliminating any information that may be irrelevant to the reader.
Although Magna Carta’s website may appear perfect to most people, it is possible to make certain adjustments to improve its reader-centered communication. For instance, the college can highlight more of the things that are likely to persuade the readers. For example, being an academic institution, most of the visitors to this website would be looking for courses that they can pursue. It would therefore be good to list some of these courses for visitors to see them even before searching the programmes sector. Showing pictures of some of the college’s buildings may also be persuasive to any interested ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Business Memo of Moving ISSAC Corporation into Sri Lanka CEO ISSAC Corporation Vice President of International Business Development Date: October 20, 2013 Re: Issues of The Sri Lanka’s Business Environment There is absolute need for us to examine all the business dynamics and government regulations that suffice in Sri Lanka with a view of ascertaining the future and current aspects that may influence our decision to move ISSAC Corporation into Sri Lanka. As such, we will consider the global future in relation to the business world based on the current trends and market position in Sri Lanka. We will also compare our culture and Sri...
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...? Gary W. Biesemeier, President December 12, RE: Considerations for Expansion to Peru As a response to your request, we developed an analysis on the effects of market expansion to Peru on the internal operation of Industrial Chemicals Corporation (ICC). Presented below is an outline of actions that need to be undertaken to successfully enter the Peruvian market. Firstly, it describes the current internal operations of ICC. Secondly, it illustrates relevant actions involving business strategy, form of international business, organisational structure, marketing strategy, IT and supply chain, which are essential for a successful expansion in Peru. This will significantly help in evaluating on whether or not...
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...Avon Products, Inc The company is currently in the business of offering CFT products, (Cosmetics, Fragrances and Toiletry), beauty products (jewelry,watches and apparel and beyond beauty products (Home products, gifts, decorative candles) for women in the global market, by means of an unique marketing model of reaching customers through direct sales representatives. The company also has a vision of going beyond these of providing products and services relevant to women’s needs. (P, 1 Avon Products Inc). The company’s which had a global leadership in the eighties faced a decline towards the end of the century, mainly because of its excessive dependence on its direct selling strategy. More and more women aspired to be more...
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...In the business world at times there are unique opportunities that present themselves due to the need for new products in the marketplace. Twenty years ago digital television was just starting to come out. There a huge opportunities for a player to capitalize on this market. Avid Technology was founded in 1987; the company developed a technological application that allowed digitalizing movie pictures so that could be edited by a computer. The company had tremendous levels of growth during the 1990s. It moved a million dollar in merchandise in 1989; six years later the firm had revenues of $407 million a year. This report analyzes the strategic position of the company, the external environment and the financial performance...
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...MEMO Mr. Carlisle Exceptional as Chair of the Environmental Committee Month day, year New Facility Construction Delay The construction of the new addition to our plant facility has been stopped because soil contamination has been discovered while digging the foundation for the new facility. This fact, in its turn, has caused a delay in engineering and customization of the plant equipment for manufacturing the new drug. Besides, the newly hired personnel to deal with the new drug is frustrated, while Earth Technology ("ET") has not yet performed the environmental assessment, and has not developed an action plan to deal with the problem. Therefore, the Environmental Committee believes that, thought we have already passes...
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Business memo

... Innovative approach in teaching introduction to business The incorporation of reflexive learning opportunities in teaching business communication enhances the possibility of larger understanding of the students on the practical application of theories of business communication. It has been observed that the students who freshly approach the subject come with preconceived negative ideas about the subject. Most of them limit its scope to business writing. Thus it is important that innovative teaching strategies are incorporated in teaching business. Collaborative Learning Collaborative learning techniques involving Small Lecture Learning Groups helps to a large extend in helping the students to undo their wrong understanding about... the...
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...Business Memo with Documented Research Estée Lauder Cosmetic Incorporation Internal Memo June 18, Insert CEO’s Name From: Insert Name Subject: Country Report In response to your quest, I have researched on the prevailing economic, political, business and cultural conditions in Japan. Expansion of Estée Lauder Cosmetic Incorporation to Japan is a stratagem to embrace since the country provides a favorable environment, politically and economically, for the flourishing of the company. Economic Environment In reference to CIA World Fact Book (2012), Japan’s economy is the second most developed economy and the third largest economy in the world. Over the last one year, its...
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...MEMO Ms. Virginia Flanders 6th/11/ Re: Suggestions on how to develop a formal policy for searching online information and social media sites as part of company’s standard hiring process I am writing to suggest to Ms. Flanders on how she can develop a formal policy for searching online information and social media sites for prospective employees during the recruitment process. I suggest that the searches should only look into the factors surrounding an individual, which are pertinent to the position that he or she has applied. Secondly, I suggest that the searches should be through Google, and popular social sites such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for all candidates. Lastly, I suggest that to prevent discrimination... Ms....
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Business memo

... perform. That is why I find it as the area for my improvement as a leader to be able to attract and retain employee’s attention on common goals and objectives. I have a strong vision of how my work should be organized, what should people do and what contribution I can do for the good of the entire company. References Perkins, P. & Brizee, A. 2011. Sample Memo, Online Writing Lab, Available from Mr. Henrique Viana A report Working as a test operator in the company for three years already have greatly increased the level of my professionalism and gave me the opportunity to share my experience with the others. During the recent period, I was dealing with testing of electronic products,...
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...$ 4 per hour after taxes. This act will also favor the business community since higher pay raises the morale of workers. A workforce with increased morale easily manifests higher productivity. Besides, the city should target increased expenditure towards rising out of the consequences of the recession. This is only possible if workers’ purchasing power increases. When the city raises the minimum wage, the action will affect more than 400,000 workers who make a third of Chicago’s workforce (CBS Chicago 1). This figure considers casual workers in areas such as hotels. Implementation challenges Hotel workers in Los Angeles recently won a $ 15.37 minimum wage policy. This happened after unions and right groups formed...
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