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All issues raised revolve around making the practice better and more productive. This can only be achieved is the practice considers expansion. However, the staff is divided on whether or not the institution should expand.
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Shouldice Hospital case
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Shouldice Hospital Case In this situation, expansion is the central issue. All issues raised revolve around making the practice better and more productive. This can only be achieved is the practice considers expansion. However, the staff is divided on whether or not the institution should expand.
The advertisement strategy applied by the institution is limited. For instance, the new brochures created are not provided to clients until upon request (Heskett & Hallowell 8). This limits the depth of their client list as well its exposure to the market.
The decision to add services and other specialties should be addressed after the institution has streamlined the current facility. However, inclusion of other services may be helpful to the practice financially as well increase its market relevance.
Prior to expansion, the institution requires funds that would cater for the expansion effectively. In addition, using the funds it generates from business may be disadvantageous and limit the effectiveness of the transition
One major concern of considering extension in this case is the control and management of the new institution. Expansion would require a change in the management system. If not effectively managed, the change may hinder the quality of operation and services rendered to clients.
The expansion to weekend has caused a rift in the institution since the issue has not been formally discussed. However, the expansion to weekends should be done only if the institution increases its human resources.
The current staff has expressed concerns since they have been required to embrace an organizational culture they are not used to. In addition, the concerns revolve the decision by the facility to embrace change.
A global expansion should be a viable option. The institution has been in existent for a long time thus having demand in foreign countries. The organization should consider utilizing this market (Heskett& Hallowell 8).
Work cited
Heskett, James & Hallowell, Roger.Shouldice Hospital Limited. Boston: Harvard Business School. 2005. Print. Read More
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Shouldice Hospital Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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