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3 MGT-TD - Organizational Culture and Change - Coursework Example

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A team in an organization is a set of people who work simultaneously on specific and recurring tasks. The main difference between a team…
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3 MGT-TD - Organizational Culture and Change
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Extract of sample "3 MGT-TD - Organizational Culture and Change"

Organization culture and change affiliation Organization culture and change A group is a set of persons in the organization who have frequent interaction and communication and work towards achieving a specific goal. A team in an organization is a set of people who work simultaneously on specific and recurring tasks. The main difference between a team and a group is that a team works without the consideration of personal opinions but through a consensus and agreement (Goffee & Jones, 2013). A high-performance team is a team that functions and performance beyond the expertise of any individual in a team. The results obtained from high-performance teams cannot be achieved by an individual (Goffee & Jones, 2013). In addition, the results obtained exceed their expectations.
As a manager, transforming a group to a high-performance team would commence by creating a team from this particular set of people. Then I would provide the team with all resources required to improve their performance (Goffee & Jones, 2013). The resources may include more advanced tools of work like an exceptional IT system. Additionally, the team would comprise of individuals from all departments in the organization.
Synergy provides the ability to group members to put together ideas and come up with a strategy that exceeds the creativity of one individual. It also enables a group to outperform their best individual. Group thinking is the ability of a set of employees to come into a consensus without creation conflicts. In group thinking, an agreement is reached without the consideration of alternative options thus minimizing effectiveness (Goffee & Jones, 2013). In an organization, promotion of synergy can be easily done by requiring teams to provide more than one solution to a problem. Goffee & Jones (2013) assert that promoting synergy while eliminating group thinking by creating an award system that honors individual performance in a group.
Goffee, R. & Jones, G. (2013). Creating the best workplace on the earth. Harvard Business Review, 91(12): 99-106. Read More
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3 MGT-TD - Organizational Culture and Change Coursework.
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