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Entrepreneur Leadership Speaker Series: Steve Bain - Essay Example

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Steve Bain is the President of Simply Mac and has been at the helm of the company since its inception in August 2006.Steve has managed the overall strategic vision and leadership of Simply Mac and currently serves as a member of the National Reseller Advisory Board for Apple and…
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Entrepreneur Leadership Speaker Series: Steve Bain
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Download file to see previous pages Simply Mac is 100% fully owned. Work hard, be prepared and luck will find you.
2. Have a company culture-Come up with key values that will act as your guide, protect, defend and help you fight battles when things get tough or out of hand. Have a clear mission statement and vision for your company. Think big and act small when starting.
4. Provide leadership-without great leadership, you are headed nowhere just like a plane or ship without a captain. Come up with a strategy, communicate the same to your team and then get results of your plan. If you can sustain this, you will definitely be successful.
5. Get yourself key partners-look for successful partners who have excelled in their own fields. Emphasis on partners with quality and great products, innovative and leaders in their chosen industry. This will enable you to learn from best and get a competitive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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