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Leadership & HR (Succession) (mod 3) case - Essay Example

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The aspect of CEO succession and leadership for multinational companies is a very crucial matter that requires the Board of Directors to approve the appointment of a new CEO in succession to the existing CEO through a seamless process that minimizes the impacts on the business…
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Leadership & HR (Succession) (mod 3) case
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Download file to see previous pages The selection of the new CEO may be from the options available to the Board of Directors which is either internal or external to the organization. However, the success of the succession to the position of CEO is influenced by several social and psychological factors. These concepts of CEO succession and leadership are also applicable for Apple Inc when the CEO succession to Steve Jobs occurred with the appointment of Tim Cook as the new CEO of Apple Inc.
Tim Cook is a US business executive who has been appointed as the CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook spent his childhood in Robertsdale in Alabama. His father was a worker in the US shipyard while his mother used to work at a pharmacy. After graduating from Robertsdale High School, Cook went on to complete B.S in Industrial Engineering and then post-graduated as Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Management in 1988. Before joining Apple in 1998, Tim Cook worked in the business of personal computers of IBM where he also served as the Chief Operating Officer of the reseller department of Intelligent Electronics in the later stages. He also worked in Compaq for a short stint of six months. Since 1998, Tim Cook held important positions in the post of senior vice-president for worldwide operations. In his path of advancement to the post of CEO, Tim Cook has worked as Executive Vice President in the department of worldwide sales of the company. Tim Cook was then appointed as the Chief Operating Officer before he was finally appointed as the CEO of the company in the year of 2011.
Tim Cook joined Apple Inc. in 1998 when the company started to transform itself into an electronics and software giant under the inspirational leadership and passion of Steve Jobs. Time Cook who already had a long stint with IBM in the personal computers section had rich experience of running the worldwide operations of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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