Political Economy of Work and Health in Silicon Valley - Case Study Example

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The paper “Political Economy of Work and Health in Silicon Valley” looks at the political economy of Silicon Valley, which changed immediately politicians realized that they could seize the opportunities and initiative to purchase part of the fields in San Diego and California…
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Political Economy of Work and Health in Silicon Valley
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Answer all of the following questions A brief of political economy of work and health in Silicon Valley The political economy of Silicon Valley changed immediately politicians realised that they could seize the opportunities and initiative to purchase part of the fields in San Diego and California. However, there was contentious politics that threatened to undermine growth. The Silicon Valley came with a lot of exploitation, unhealthy environment for the workers and overall lack of safety.
A brief description of the costs of global microelectronics industry on social and environment
Microelectronic industry is the second largest in polluting air, land and water. The highest density of superfund sites is concentrated in Silicon Valley leading to the country’s highest number of temporary workers and work force gender inequality. Moreover, Silicon Valley is an example of environmental inequality because of the increasing globalisation of the world economies.
A brief description of the importance of Santa Clara County to California’s Gold Rush
Santa Clara County was originally one of the counties of California and formed part of statehood. When California was added to the United States in 1848, Santa Clara County attracted many other towns around it after the gold rush. The towns were supply centres for California’s gold rush dealers.
A brief description of the Chinese Immigrant and Native Americans
The Chinese immigrants first came to America in 1838 and the inflow peaked in 1850. The Chinese were flocking to California for gold rush. It was difficult to assimilate Chinese into Native American culture. While in America, they maintained their ways, but their culture was considered by Native Americans as inferior.
A brief description of the “Temp Slave” Economy
Tempt slave economy is a new promise for personal freedom and individual creativity. It provides new ways of jobs creation in which one can design a career out of temporary consulting engagement and employment. In temp slave, people must volunteer to be employed and offer employment to others. Read More
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