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WEEK 1 DISCUSSION PART 1 - Assignment Example

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A supply chain defines the path that resources follow up to delivery of a final product to a consumer and identifies roles of resources, personnel, technology, and information to the link between producers and consumers. I, in this paper, explore Dell’s supply chain and…
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Download file to see previous pages Its forward supply chain involves transfer of products to consumers while reverse supply chain involves transfer of products from consumers to the organization for recycling or as return inwards. The forward supply chain involves ordering of products via mail or electronic methods. A first in first out inventory management follows in processing and delivery of the orders, though the organization observers some flexibility. In cases of lack of inventory, a supplier is sought through an online system. The supply chain involves “postponement,” and “modularity” (Kumar and Graig, 2007, p. 200, 201). The organization’s suppliers and consumers who determine the volumes of required inventory manage inventory, and products are transported through shipments. The supply chain also involves a series of partnerships with “suppliers, service providers, shipping companies, and customers” (Kumar and Graig, 2007, p. 203).
I could redesign the company’s supply chain through application of the six-sigma approach. The new design would involve a monitoring and evaluation department that would identify ideal supply chain processes and actual deviations from the ideals. The department would also explore periodic changes in supply chain processes and identify significance of those changes with respect to consumers’ expectations in order to eliminate inefficiencies and facilitate cohesion among involved processes and stakeholders. The design will also evaluate suppliers’ efficiency levels to identify the most reliable suppliers for long-term partnerships, contrary to the current short-term partnership approach. This is because long-term partnerships increase commitments towards efficiencies. Inputs and outputs will however remain the same since they are determined by demand (Bandyopadhyay and Jenicke, 2007).
The design will involve both domestic and global operations. The need for global operations will extend the analytical approach to the corporation’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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WEEK 1 DISCUSSION PART 1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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