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This journal article “Critical Success Factors in B2C E-Business Adoption by Chris Dubelaar” focuses on a study that was conducted with the aim of analyzing the benefits that are obtained and expected from the adoption of e-business practices during the adoption of any e-business system…
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Critical Success Factors in B2C E-Business Adoption by Chris Dubelaar
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In this study, the case study approach was used in which eight case studies were studied and analyzed while focusing on the benefits that a company expects to gain from e-business system and the benefits that the company actually gains and secondly the focus was on what are the issues experienced by those who implement e-business solutions and thirdly, the focus was on locating the critical reason that leads to the success of businesses that adopt e-business solutions (Dubelaar, 2005, p.1254). A total of eight companies were studied by the researchers, six of these companies had online existence and two of these companies were those who operated mainly through the physical outlet, but they even had limited online existence. The study concluded that the major obstacles for companies in adopting an e-business solution were issues in operations, technology, leadership and lack of effective design for their business. The reasons that led to the successful application of e-business solutions were: application of doing business online and offline combined, delivering high value, customer retention, and satisfaction, keep a bird’s eye on the activities of the competitors and lastly trust-building. The researchers believe that if an e-business solution is to work in the factor of the company, the adoption of the solution should be relevant to the business, value-adding to customers and should provide ease of operation for the organization.
Since various businesses are adopting various e-business solutions such as selling over the internet and advertising, this journal article helps students learn what they have to do as managers to ensure that their business experience success as they adopt one of the e-business strategies and how can companies remove the obstacles that stop them from adopting e-business activities successful.
Strengths and Weaknesses
The main strength of this article is that it addresses a very current issue that business experience as they are shifting towards online business solutions and secondly it informs readers about the factors that they can implement in order to make their business successful. The Weakness of this article is that it does not provide in-depth insight into the adoption of the various factors that make the adoption of e-business solutions successful. Read More
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Critical Success Factors in B2C E-Business Adoption by Chris Dubelaar Article.
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