The Company Automotive Holdings - Case Study Example

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The writer of this paper states that the company believes in innovative research, engineering accomplished by teams and development by teams. There is diversity in terms of in skills, experience and cultural diversity in the composition of the teams…
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The Company Automotive Holdings
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The project teams also comprise members with different education, skills and experiences thus are also to collaborate in attaining the goals. However, due to the lack of face to face meetings, the virtual teams may take longer to resolve conflicts or build consensus. TRW teams may fail due to distractions and lack of engagement during the virtual meetings (Forsyth 56).

Question two
The steps of TRW’s GRPI model corresponds to the two perspectives of group development described in this chapter. According to Tuckman’s stages model, group development starts with the forming stages whereby group members learn about each other and objectives of the group. The second stage is the storming stage whereby group members engage with each other and build group cohesion. The third stage is the norming stage whereby the members will lay the rules, the communication channels. The fourth stage is the performing stage whereby group members implement the objectives of the group while the last stage is the adjournment stage whereby the project ends. TRW’s GRPI model corresponds to Tuckman’s stages perspective since the first stage is explaining the goals of the project to all members and developing a common vision for the project which is similar to the forming stage. The second step is outlining the goals of each member, the task and responsibilities which is similar to the storming stage of Tuckman’s perspective. The third step of the GRPI model is determining channels of communications, schedules and meeting times and agendas which are similar to the norming stage whereby group members lay rules of the group including communication mechanisms. The last component of GRPI model is defining how to manage any interpersonal conflicts thus this is similar to performing a stage of Tuckman’s group development perspective whereby roles are flexible and group issues are resolved (Forsyth 67).

GPRI model also corresponds to Punctuated-equilibrium model. The first phase is a meeting that sets the group direction. Due to uncertainty, transition usually takes place after the team has spent about half of its time and major changes occur due to the transition. The second phase is characterized by increased team activity. Determining the team goals, defining the roles, communication channels, scheduling meetings will comprise phase one of Punctuated equilibrium model while resolving interpersonal conflicts is similar to the second phase of Punctuated equilibrium model (Forsyth 89).

The best perspective that corresponds to GRPI model is Tuckman’s stages model since the forming stage is similar to defining the goals of the project while storming stage will ensure team members clarify roles, responsibilities, and tasks. The norming stage is similar to the performing stage since communication channels are defined and meeting schedules prepared.

The failure to incorporate aspects of GRPI model can cause problems at the “punctuated-equilibrium” point. This is mainly due to poorly defined communication channels, lack of well-defined roles, lack of confidence and trust among the team members and poor scheduling of meetings. There may also be constant conflicts due to role confusion and poor leadership within the group (Forsyth 49).

Question three
If I were in charge of leading a TRW project, I would compose a global virtual team in terms of characteristics such as cultural diversity, education, skills, and experience. I would also consider the geographical locations of members and ensure gender balance. I would consider each individual’s preference for teamwork, the personality of members and member’s flexibility. I would also consider problem-solving and interpersonal skills of the members.

I would minimize problems associated with cultural diversity by encouraging creativity and building trust and confidence in the team. I would also encourage conflict resolution and problem-solving skills among the members. I would encourage open communication and emphasize on the common goals of TRW (Forsyth 40).

Team effectiveness requires diversity in skills and experience, the definition of the common goals, defining the communication channels, member’s roles and developing interpersonal skills in order to resolve potential conflicts. Read More
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