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The paper 'Creating a Nation and a Society' presents the Central Bank which was said to be established during the tyranny of King George III to be able to illegalize the money produced by the different colonies. This then forced them to loan money, with interest from the Central Bank of England…
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Creating a Nation and a Society
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However, the movie states that there are no laws that mandate you to pay this tax.
War and mass media are also the other means in gaining profit by these international banks and the Federal Reserve. The loan money, with interest to countries involved in the war. Mass media is used to entertain society and letting them focus on things that are not essential; thus, allowing important people to do whatever they want.
At the beginning of the video, it was stated that the American Revolutionary War began in 1775. The movie revealed that the said revolution was caused by King George III when he declared to restrict the colonies to operate in their own independent monetary system, compelling them to borrow funds from the Central Bank of England, which results to their immediate debts. Chapter 6-- A People in Revolution tells us what had happened in the American War for Independence over Great Britain (Nash et al. 167). I chose this chapter because the said war was the result of England’s refusal to let its colonies have an honest money system. In other words, the war was a move by American people to get away from the colonization of Great Britain and to be freed from the money manipulators. America won the war; however, the quest over the concept of central banking had only just begun.
Along with the fear and manipulation injected by these people, different unions will be and are established to create a one-world government that will dominate every aspect of a person’s life. However, the movie states that you have a choice between taking part in the system or to create a world without fear but full of love.
On the other hand, the content of the movie is very alarming. The movie implies that there are government systems that need to be checked. Also, the movie suggests many alarming incidents that are said to be premeditated by certain people in order to gain control and power. For me, this is a very selfish act and must be ended before worse things happen. Read More
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