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The objective of the article "The Role of Organizational Culture in Business Environment" is to emphasize the importance of organizational culture in sustaining a productive working environment that is capable of change and innovation which, in turn, will ensure successful business operation…
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The Role of Organizational Culture in Business Environment
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Organizational cultures play a dominating role when the organization meets challenges and is experiencing change. These cultures have a major effect on the individuals working within the organization, these cultures either make these individuals flexible enough to adapt to change or stubborn enough to avoid and become an obstacle in the process of change. It is very important for an organization to change their cultures from time to time in order to become adaptable to the changing environment of business and to continue operating successfully. An organization that has a culture that is always ready to change experiences ambiguous environment, in such organizations, individuals do not know what kind of changes will take place and when changes will take place. In such conditions, it is very important for the organization to have leaders who can handle the changing scenario. It is widely believed that an organization that is following a single culture has higher chances of being successful. Though, it is just a myth, because organizations competing in the 21st century have to change with changes in technology and the way things are done. If organizations stick to the same system for a longer period of time, they might not be able to compete with those who are accepting change and operating according to changes in the environment (Cummings 521 & 522).  Read More
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