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The paper "Analysis of Organizational Culture and Customer Service of CVS Pharmacy" explores the company’s staff customer focus, diversity management, and Website usability. The author marks a prompt response to customer requests, teamwork coherence as a unique competitive advantage…
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Analysis of Organizational Culture and Customer Service of CVS Pharmacy
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Organizational Culture and Customer Service of CVS Pharmacy"

Download file to see previous pages As an organization, CVS is well aware of the fact that a company’s culture has got a great impact on its customers and performance. They are very much successful in building up their identity as one of the biggest pharmacy innovation company. To be precise, the organizational culture of CVS could be highlighted in three ways. The purpose of CVS is to provide the people with the best possible services in order to lead a healthy and prosperous life.
The CVS has a tradition to honor their best employees with appreciation by means of awards and incentives. This creates a motivational boom within the employees and they tend to work harder. At the end of each calendar year, two Award functions are held at CVS. Paragon Awards to honor the best employees in different departments. Chairman’s Awards are held to appreciate the members of the corporate management. This not only motivates the employees but by following this tradition CVS is able to produce remarkable results as an organization.       
One of the best parts of CVS’s culture is its diverse management. This enables CVS to satisfy the needs of the customer and provide them with the best of their services (Berlinski, 2006). Diversity helps them to attract and maintain talented people to work for them. The management always welcomes new innovations and ideas for improvement from their colleagues and everyone has equal right to contribute to success.   
It was completely honor and pleasure to use the CVS Care Mark a couple of weeks before. One of the best customer services that I have ever witnessed to date. As I entered the store I was greeted with immense respect as if I was a celebrity. The name of the lady who guided me through was Lorna. It was so nice to see such a helpful clerk working in the store who makes its customers feel so comfortable.
The most unique part of the CVS Caremark is its instant response to the customers need. I can say this because the moment I placed my order, it took hardly five to ten minutes for the clerk to hand me over the desired items. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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