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Understanding Consumer Behavior - Case Study Example

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This paper "Understanding Consumer Behavior" focuses on the fact that the Electro Store has been experiencing a downturn in sales since 2009 up 2010. It could not be said that they are not lacking in their marketing and advertising campaigns because their campaigns are recognized. …
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Understanding Consumer Behavior
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Any marketing plan should begin with consumer and satisfying its wants because that is the only justification for the existence of a store, the Electro store for that matter. Electro Store should be able to understand the consumer’s needs, wants, desires, preferences, beliefs, and other odd behaviours in order to win the customer. It is, therefore, the responsibility of Electro store to learn as much as possible these factors of potential customers. There are sociological factors that influence household purchasing decisions; these are cohesion, adaptability, and communication.
Cohesion is defined as the emotional bonding between family members. It measures how close to each other feel on an emotional level. It reflects a sense of connectedness to or separateness to other family members. Buying decisions are greatly influenced by a member of the family. There is no question that the bulk of household purchases are made by women, but major decisions like buying a car, appliances, or real property are jointly done by the husband and wife, and sometimes with a consultation with children. A joint decision only shows the cohesiveness of the family. Therefore when the buying decision is done the family as a group – the role of the marketers is to target the family through their marketing campaigns.
Adaptability is described as the ability of the family to change its power, role, relationships, and relationship rules in response to situational and developmental stress. The degree of adaptability shows how well a family can meet the challenges presented by the situation. These challenges can come from reference groups that have the potentials of influencing behaviour. Reference groups are groups of individuals that one interacts often. Examples are friends, family relatives, and co-workers. They have the potentials of influencing behaviour. For example, if the product is visible as a car, shoes or dress,  then the influence of the reference group is high.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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