Organization Design of the Great Divide Brewing Company - Case Study Example

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The author describes the organization design of the Great Divide Brewing Company. The company is decentralized and it has about 40 employees in total. Due to the decentralized structure, the brewing company has opted for an organic model of organizational structure.    …
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Organization Design of the Great Divide Brewing Company
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The organic structure is less efficient than the mechanistic structure. However, the organic structure has more flexibility and employees can adapt quickly with the changes. The organic structure is most appropriate in uncertain, dynamic, and changing work environments. In addition, since the organization is decentralized and using the organic model structure, mutual adjustment is also common in the organization and plays an important role in the company. Therefore, employees are allowed to use their judgment instead of standardized rules to guide decision-making. This makes it possible to inject new synergistic ideas in the process of decision-making. Moreover, integration is working well in the company. For example, if there is any trouble, the whole staff or the employees will work together to solve and coordinate this problem.  Read More
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