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Mighty Auto Parts - Essay Example

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The paper 'Mighty Auto Parts' presents realizing customer satisfaction which is a major challenge that business faces in the provision of services. Most businesses have thus entered into integration with other businesses to ensure the improvement of quality in what is called B2B…
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Mighty Auto Parts
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Extract of sample "Mighty Auto Parts"

The vertical integration on mighty franchise ensured that they distributed their auto parts to customers in more than forty states without causing delays. Moreover, the company realized the shift in the market that preferred prevention of their motor rather than repair. Through the integration, the company diversified and grew making it record better financial performance. Mighty distributors ensured that they remained in partnership with the motor makers who provided them with the required information on the current changes in market and production.
Customers’ satisfaction was measured from the repeat purchase. The company also pegged satisfaction on customer loyalty and customer comments about the mighty corporation. Furthermore, from mighty financial statements, increment in sales from the diverse locations could be traced thereby helping in the analysis of customers’ satisfaction and response.
Mighty distributors further ensured that they maintained monitoring the trend in the market to enable them to satisfy changing preference in the industry. The president asserted that its leadership model ensured the company remained abreast of the changes in the automotive industry (Wall Street Journal, n.d). The success in attracting and retaining customers was therefore supported by the integrated operations and strategic partnership. Read More
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(Mighty Auto Parts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 337 Words)
Mighty Auto Parts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 337 Words.
“Mighty Auto Parts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 337 Words”, n.d.
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