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In the paper “Companies Go Global” the author focuses on complications in the management of different traditions and values for the achievement of goals and targets, which occur when people from differing cultures find themselves running businesses on the opposite continent…
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Companies Go Global
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Problems are always inherent in the host countries and managers find themselves with problems of internalizing issues making management to be full of complications requiring expatriate knowledge. Due to the disparities in cultures and values of the various societies, the business has to develop and implement advanced and customized tactics that suit the specific country's needs and characteristics.
Despite all these management problems and related challenges, the companies need to go global due to the increased competition and advancements in communication. Companies have become multinationals hence the need for globalization that’s related to the characteristics of nations ensuring that they no longer remain in just in one country. Initially, companies used to go multinational due to their attempts to diversify, seeking raw materials, increasing their markets, improving production efficiency and in some instance attempts to avoid or move away from issues like political instabilities. However, the companies always try and achieve their attempts to act global but unfortunately they find themselves unable to act local and understand the roots of what the local communities like and practice like and hence they are faced with tremendous barriers to the production and running of their businesses' efficiency.
The way of living of different members of the globe varies from country to country and to some extent are varying from generation to generation hence the management of the global organizations needs to try and update their skills in relation to the adjustments in the host country’s developments.
Results from numerous researches clearly show that management approaches by the headquarters may give good backing of why certain individuals from certain institutions are very successful despite their locations in other states far from their mother states.
Despite the differences in the cultures, businesses have to understand and try to adopt the mechanisms for the handling of the customers because they are the lifeblood of the businesses hence the customer’s cultures should be understood so that the companies take advantage of the local market place (Hymowitz, 2000). Read More
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Companies Go Global Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 560 Words.
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