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The Business Proposal (The Genius Junior) - Essay Example

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This is a business plan about The Genius Junior, an education agent that mediates between the institutes in UK and the Saudi students who wish to study in the UK. The company has a noble objective, which is to extend support to families and students who are keen on studying in…
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The Business Proposal (The Genius Junior)
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Download file to see previous pages The Genius Junior is a small firm that operates as an education mediator that mediates between the education institutes in UK and the Saudi students who wish to study in the UK. The goal of the company is to extend support to students who are keen on studying in UK and get cultural exposure and make profits at the same time through a stipulated commission from the institutes that the students get enrolled in. The company started its operations at a small scale with just the owners getting successful associations with institutes and signing contracts to make a commission of 20-25% on every enrolled student. The first year of operation saw decent returns on investment and all stakeholders were keen at getting associated with the company for the future feasibility of the project. Several theories and researches explain that it’s easier to penetrate a market that has some competition than the one that is entirely new for any product or services in terms of exploration. There will certainly be enough takers of a service that boasts of future nurturing and better career prospects. The most unique thing about this service being provided to students of Saudi Arab is that they or their parents do not have to struggle and run to and fro in trying to meet the formalities.
In order to find out the interests, preferences, and influential factors of the target market, i.e. children in the age group of 14-25 years, an extensive market research will be conducted. The ideas generated from this market research will be utilized in targeting the potential consumers of the facility to be able to under go courses at UK schools and universities. In order to remain competitive, the company will strive for constant improvements in services and associations in future within the financial and time constraints.
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