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Client Orientation and the Effective Ways for Continuous Improvement - Term Paper Example

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The focus of this paper is on Client Orientation and the Effective Ways for Continuous Improvement. A satisfied customer is integral in the growth and success of any business enterprise. Continued success in business can only be achieved through efficient customer care and client…
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Download file to see previous pages To succeed in the highly competitive modern business environment, administrators and managers need to prioritize customer needs and customer satisfaction to facilitate a strong customer service chain. They should organize and manage all processes in their organizations with the aim of attracting and retaining customers through customer-focused practices and strategies. This can be done through creating guidelines and strategies, improving the skills and competencies of their employees, and creating quality benchmarks and methods of measuring customer satisfaction effectiveness in their companies.
All managers and staff must understand the importance of customer service and should be able to link it to customer orientation. By recognizing that the company benefits most from loyal customers through the generation of more profits and creating a good image to the public, they must identify and utilize efficient customer service delivery principles to be used by all employees and position the same services in a competitive manner in the market. Commitment to continuous improvement can only be done through continued management and monitoring of customer service quality.
Introduction. Customer orientation holds that the main task of the organization is to determine the perceptions, needs and wants of the target markets and to satisfy them through the design, communication, pricing and delivery of appropriate and competitively viable offerings (Kotler 41). All external and internal customers in a company want the provision of good quality products and services in time and in a continuous manner. To achieve this, an organization must put in place strategies and guidelines that make satisfying the needs of their customers their primary objective with the long term goal of developing and sustaining a long time beneficial customer relationship. Customer and client satisfaction should be the ultimate goal of all firms because both theoretical and empirical research links a firm’s business performance to the satisfaction of its clients (Morgan, Anderson& Mittal 151). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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