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Principles of nonprofit leadership - Research Paper Example

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Different societies may it be privileged or unprivileged have undergone through different complexities, both in developing and underdeveloped parts of the world. With governments’ resources having more constraints the importance of nonprofit organizations have breached to a…
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Principles of nonprofit leadership
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Download file to see previous pages sults the first and foremost thing which is required by organizations is effective leadership of a nature that aspires to achieve these results in the best possible way (Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Management Excellence).
Most of the nonprofit organizations believe that money is the only resource that can help an organization to achieve its desired objectives. Keeping this in view, many of the experts have argued that not only money but the leadership plays an important role. They argued that effective leadership is the only tool that helps an organization to achieve its intended objectives (A Guide for Board Members, Managers and Staff).
The organization work towards achieving those goals and money only enables them to deliver results that are expected of them. In today’s era the two important resources for any organization are financial resources and human capital (Tierney). The set back or down turn in financial resources is impossible to avoid and difficult to overcome, but shortcomings in human capital can be very awkward for an organization and cannot be calibrated easily.
Keeping in view above mentioned issues, the need for the nonprofit organizations is to have an effective leadership that goes all the way towards achieving intended and desired results. This paper will probe into the challenges that any nonprofit organization is expected to face while developing effective leadership (Hill, 135). It will further shed light on benefits derived by developing effective leadership along with advantages and disadvantages. It will provide an insight of the principles of nonprofit leadership. Thus, this paper is expected to make a valuable contribution in the existing stock of knowledge.
It has become quite difficult for nonprofit organizations to manage in today’s tough economy. According to (Hill, 12) Following are few challenges that nonprofit organizations are facing while in the phase of developing effective leadership.
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