Government Cost Savings and Better Health Care Quality - Case Study Example

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The following paper 'Government Cost Savings and Better Health Care Quality' concerns the strategic management and business policy. Kaiser Permanente deductible HMO plan offers; a portfolio of preventive services at subsidized rates or for free, free employee tools for enhanced health…
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Government Cost Savings and Better Health Care Quality
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This includes its customer-focused approach i.e. creating savings for the customer. Time tested industrial insight and experience in health plan matters.
Significant costs to create a distinguished HMO/HRA brand visibility. Another weakness is the high cost required to come up with a reliable customer base.
The exploitation of an expanding niche. Also, the prospect of strong strategic relationships as the company grows.
Possibility of new entries into this niche in future by equally networked health plan providers. Health insurance might experience some cost structural adjustments in the future. Also, there might be interference by the government in the future.
By offering deductible HMO plans with HRA for large groups, the company hopes to secure a competitive sales advantage leading to an increase in market share. The company has implemented cost containment structures that prohibit easy access into its niche by aspiring health plan companies for the next one to five years. Read More
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