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The paper "Mueller Imports Ethical Issue" discusses that as the newly recruited controller, Becky has limited options. She can either request the owner to clarify actual usage of the funds and provide for those as per the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles…
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Mueller Imports Ethical Issue
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The case of misstated expense in the books of accounts of Mueller Imports has been an ethical dilemma for the newly recruited controller, Becky Knauer. 
Becky should ideally report the transactions to the higher authorities of the car manufacturing company so that they could initiate appropriate measures but such activity might lead to her termination of employment.
Possible Consequences
If Becky informs about the transactions that are taking place in between the dealer, Mueller Imports and the sales executives and the sales manager, it is certain that punitive measures would be taken against the dealer which might lead to termination of the dealership. Also, it would certainly affect the brand name of the company as it would get revealed that the executives of the company are involved in unethical dealings.
Future Course
It would be prudent to gather enough pieces of evidence by Becky against the dealer and then to lodge a complaint to the higher officials of the car company. It is evident that such a complaint would bring out the unethical nexus in between the dealership and the sales team. Therefore, the controller should show enough guts to handle the issue ethically. Read More
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Mueller Imports Ethical Issue Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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