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This essay discusses that people adopt different moral standards based on their own culture, norms, goals, values, and beliefs. This affects the problem and how the conflict can be resolved. GMC of Great Britain was in the business of alcoholic beverages and betting parlors…
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Different Moral Standards
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Download file to see previous pages They took advantage of the changing social norms and values. Since women were entering employment, they believed that they could sell packaged food very well. GMC was concerned only with increasing profits and this was communicated to the Pillsbury-Green Giant Group. Green Giant would have to relocate to Mexico in order to ensure profits. Pillsbury accepted the deal against a payment. In this case, the moral standards of three groups differ with each other and the fourth to be considered is that of the local people of Mexico. It is difficult for Green Giant not to take any action because of remaining passive they would be harming the interests of the stakeholders. The conflict has to be understood and resolved by all parties involved.
The goal of GMC was profiting no matter how it was achieved. They were least concerned if the personal values of any group would have to be compromised with. They valued profits and they could apply the management style of ‘light but firm hand on the throat’ to achieve this end. Using this style would not make them feel guilty of committing a wrong. This clearly demonstrates that they give priority to profits over any other values.
The goals of Giant Green had to undergo a change to swim along with the demands of the new company. The cultural and religious traditions of both the groups differ which affects the decision making process. GMC is a British company while Green Giant has its roots in Minnesota and California. Since the economic situation of GMC had deteriorated, they were willing to compromise on their values as this gained priority. Thus an ethical solution becomes imperative which causes the least harm and maximum good to the different groups of people involved in this case.
The goal of Green Giant-Pillsbury was to maximize profits but their norms differed. The values of the executives of the Pillsbury group differed from the GMC.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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