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The Importance of Formal Reports in Business Communication - Essay Example

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The author concludes that the importance of formal reports cannot be overlooked when considering the future of business communication even today and that it is still being used, and must be used extensively even in future in all administrative centers for it to flourish.    …
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The Importance of Formal Reports in Business Communication
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Formal Reports in Business Communication"

Download file to see previous pages Although nowadays informal communication methods have overpowered the many formal communication ways, yet formal reports have a niche of their own in the business world. It involves greater length and depth discussion of more complex issues in a better, organized and official way that is easier to read and comprehend. Moreover, formal reports are more informative and persuasive in style with all the essential principles contained in it. It is indeed complete, with all the correct information in a clear and courteous way. It provides all the required information in a concise form (Andrews, 1988). The contemporary style of communication is spreading like a wildfire and has surrounded even the administrative centers by and large, but this cannot take the place of all the important modes and styles of communication in an office where, with the information, the format and presentation along with cohesiveness are of utmost importance (Roebuck, 1999).
Thus, it can be concluded that the importance of formal reports cannot be overlooked when considering the future of business communication even today and that it is still being used, and must be used extensively even in future in all administrative centers for it to flourish.
Negative messages are those messages that create a negative emotion from the audience. Conveying bad news, a form of a negative message is never easy due to this negative reaction. Composing a message that establishes and maintains goodwill towards another person and at the same time conveying bad news requires ingenuity (Murphy, 1997). In negative messages, it is the tone that determines one's intent. In it, the unpleasant facts are to be presented in such a way that the reader would consider it just and reasonable. It should be written in an honest, tactful and cautious manner in order that the reader does not take it pessimistically.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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