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Meeting the New Marketing Challenges: Case Study Of an Upcoming UK Firm - Essay Example

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Sustaining the company’s initial success poses some problem because the marketplace keeps pulling new surprises and competitors. The paper seeks to set a roadmap for Brand Agility to follow in getting to where it intends to place its products in the UK market…
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Meeting the New Marketing Challenges: Case Study Of an Upcoming UK Firm
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Download file to see previous pages The firm sells these products wholesale to upscale retail outlets and through its online stores.
The whole idea behind Brand Agility was inspired by the US surf and street-smart culture. Duct tape, the primary raw material for the bags and wallets carrying the brand name, is the industrial strength tape that plumbers, drummers, and props men use to glue things in place. Like the Urban Access lines, the Duct brand of accessories has established itself as good quality, often-unusual products for the fashion-conscious youth aged 18 to 25. A continuing PR and advertising blitz have ensconced Duct as a reputable brand name in the UK, the same way it has swept the American market.
Sustaining the company’s initial success poses some problem because competition has tightened and the marketplace keeps pulling new surprises and challenges. This resulted in a situation where there are “too many companies, too many products, too much marketing noise (Ries & Trout, 2000).“ Thus, in mounting a reinvigorated marketing campaign, Brand Agility must consider not only its strengths and weaknesses but also those of its competitors.
The marketplace is in a state of continuous flux. Every day, the business environment changes its complexion with new and harder challenges posed by such factors as globalization, new technologies, increased competition, different market behavior, stricter regulations, higher costs of labor and materials, pickier and more fastidious consumers, even social and economic upheavals. Any of these factors is capable of limiting a company’s option to generate growth, let alone maintain its profitability. Despite the difficulties, the market for consumer goods and services continue to expand along with people’s buying power. Two of the major reasons is the rapid decline in birth rates and the changes in gender relations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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