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The writer of this paper states that mediation is a conflict resolution process by which a mediator with no formal authority acts as a facilitator and go-between in the negotiations. Mediators are expected to be impartial and able to create an opportunity both for productive communication…
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Mediation Process
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The increasing complexity of the mediation process is compounded by the fact that parties involved even the mediator can come from different cultures.

Avruch and Black (1993) notes that most cases of mediation processes have the mediator failing in considering cultural differences as they are inclined to adhere to the supposed notion that there are universally acceptable models of mediation. The pervading view among mediator scholars is that there is a tendency to adopt a superficial view of culture as behavioral stereotype wherein different ethnic groups can be managed with proper etiquette and tolerance. Nonetheless, there is an increasing literature that shows that multiculturalist perspectives have great impact on the mediation process.

This paper aims at looking into the incorporation of multiculturalism in the mediation process. I will be looking at how culture can affect the conflict resolution process and identify how multiculturalism can be used in the mediation process. Read More
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Mediation Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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