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Business Strategy and the Role of Information for the Organization - Term Paper Example

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A writer of the paper "Business Strategy and the Role of Information for the Organization" claims that in this section a critical analysis of the existing business strategy and the role of information for the organization under consideration is presented to the reader…
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Business Strategy and the Role of Information for the Organization
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Extract of sample "Business Strategy and the Role of Information for the Organization"

Download file to see previous pages Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes (2003) argue that the mission statement of the organization is the element that reflects upon the core strategies of the organization itself. This makes it clear that the mission statement is the critical element for the successful evaluation of the existing strategies in an organization. In light of the aforementioned arguments, the mission statement for the organization under scrutiny is presented below. From the mission statement, it is clear that the Office of the Attorney General and the Chief State Solicitors office are predominantly involved in accomplishing effectiveness in legal services provided to the customers through gaining efficiency in performance. The mission statement also reveals that the quality of service is the critical element for the organization in both the external and internal customers scenario as mentioned in the strategy statement of the Office of the Attorney General. From the review of the strategy statement of the Office of the Attorney general, it is clear that the organization is not only striving to accomplish effective customer service through improving quality but also increasingly focusing upon the development of the human resource as well as the overall organization status in the public. The presence of the Management Advisory Committee in the organization as the monitor 'to ensure that all key strategic, business and management decisions for the Office are discussed collectively before any relevant issues are further developed in a partnership approach involving management, unions, and staff', further justifies that the strategic positioning of the organization  as argued by Richard Lynch (2003) is the key to effectiveness in performance within the organization.
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