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Motivation and Pay - Case Study Example

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Low morale and absenteeism of are serious problems of Gap Inc. that cuts across industry. On a distinctive day between 2 and 4% of employees at Gap Inc. fail to show up for work, which does not sound like a high rate of absence, but more time is lost for the reason that of low morale and absenteeism than through strikes and lockouts…
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Motivation and Pay
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Download file to see previous pages Many variables are found to be considerably related to indices of absence, the results appear to be unstable across situations and time.
Every incentive program is based on a formula for enhancing motivation that engages four fundamental variables: effort, performance, outcomes, and satisfaction. The logic behind these programs goes something like this: employees at Gap Inc. will put in the accurate quantity of effort to meet performance hopes if these part time employees at Gap Inc. obtain the types of outcomes that include pay raises and promotions which will provide part time employees satisfaction. In simpler words, Gap Inc. should provide its employees what they want, and employees will work hard to get it.
Conversely, the problem with most incentive programs like of Gap Inc. is that they center exclusively on the submission of outcomes and overlook the three beliefs that are the key to making the motivation solution work:
The first conviction compacts with the relationship between employee effort and performance. The second compacts with the relationship between performance and outcomes. And the third compacts with the relationship between outcomes and satisfaction. These three beliefs form the basis of the belief system of motivation and performance.
Accepting that these beliefs are decisive preconditions for motivatio...
Accepting that these beliefs are decisive preconditions for motivation helps to explain why incentive programs generally yield such lackluster results like in case of Gap Inc. Since employees do not always hold these beliefs to be true, attempts to improve motivation by using incentives cannot make the grade, even when the incentives are highly desirable ones.
Types of Motivation Problems
One cannot do it
Motivation problem:
Lack of confidence
Associated feelings:
Outcomes are not tied to one's performance
Motivation problem:
Lack of trust
Associated feelings:
Outcomes will not be satisfying to one
Motivation problem:
Lack of satisfaction
Associated feelings:
Low Morale and Absenteeism
At Gap Inc. a major transformation attempt only makes difficult the situation. If any of three beliefs are shaky to begin with, organisational change at Gap Inc. can weaken them even further. The result is often serious motivation and performance problems, at a time when organisations can least afford them, and a resultant surge in the negative emotions associated with change.
When an employee believes 'one cannot do it' for example, one may develop a lack of self-confidence and begin to experience many of the unpleasant feelings that go along with it: self-doubt, anxiety, and frustration. About a year into the change effort, one manager portrayed the inner turmoil one went through by comparing the restructuring to building a ship at the same time one is trying to sail it. (Mele, 2003)
Worker beliefs that 'outcomes are not tied to one's performance' can also escort to noteworthy motivation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Motivation and Pay Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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