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LighterLife Workshop - Case Study Example

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Lighterlife is a UK based company offering weight loss and weight management through Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) products. In June 2006, experts from various departments of LighterLife came together to offer an interesting and valuable experience to its 250 counsellors…
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LighterLife Workshop
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"LighterLife Workshop"

Download file to see previous pages Obese people do not just detract from the country's growth by being unfit to perform their duties, they pose a financial burden because of their associated medical problems. Healthy non obese people can fulfill their duties to their country and thus are a great asset. A LighterLife counselor is thus in a unique position to contribute to the society by helping clinically obese people as well as to take advantage of a growing business opportunity.
LighterLife now has 250 accredited and fully trained counsellors. The brand is unique in that it offers a real, scientifically proven and permanent solution to client's obesity problem. It has helped treat more than 60,000 obese people but the market penetration is low as per the expected business demand. Collective efforts are required to address this problem. In view of this, it is important to position the brand effectively. As a counsellor, I must emphasize what the brand has to offer and the values that we incorporate. I must project our belief in health, integrity and efficacy in a confident and well-balanced way. The philosophy of sustained healthy attitude towards food for life must be reinforced through the management program. This will help me forge a life long relationship with the client. Thus, more clients will stay on the route to management and management long after they have lost weight.

For marketing LighterLife weight loss and weight management products, it's necessary for both the Company and the independent self employed counsellors to work in tandem. The counsellors must share their successful/ unsuccessful marketing efforts for LighterLife products with the Company. The Company can either take solutions from the marketing experts or share the tips from the successful marketers. To improve their business, counsellors should organize and attend relevant exhibitions in their areas, distribute flyers and combine advertising with advertorial.
At their end, LighterLife will review and improve the present marketing material and tools to make it more sales oriented. It will make a concerted effort to support Counsellor marketing through new schemes, products and incentives. LighterLife will analyze the present Central marketing done from its offices through channels like magazine, website, public relation and exhibitions to get more clients interested. Counsellors will also be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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