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1 - Management's primary tool in decision making is the constant measurement of the employees' performance in terms of products (quality and quantity) and quality of services rendered in line with the company's objectives and over all organizational performance…
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Performance Measurement to Performance Management
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Download file to see previous pages When performance is at par or even better than standards previously set, then the business' financial condition also improves. Budgets are either increased or decreased in support of better organizational survival, Since there are usually many competitors around. When performance measured passes the standards set, salary and other benefits are given for satisfactory performance.
Management must have a meeting with the line and staff organization and the organization's goals, strategy, mission, vision, values and strategy to accomplish the goals, purpose of goal and standard setting must be implemented. The employees and stockholders are encouraged thru regular trainings/meetings that they are part of the success and failure of the entire organization. The performance measures give the employees the daily challenges to be conquered.
Integration places standards where needed in accomplishing strategic business ventures. Integration also helps hasten change. When actual work is compared with performance, the difference or similarity of the actual against the standards set is compared and management makes the needed decisions for the further improvement of over-all activity.
2.1 Performance Measurement - Measuring performance quantitatively tell us whether our goods, services done by employees have increased or decreased or even remained the same. They help management decide on ways and means to improve performance of some products which have not performed according to pre - set goals. Measurement performance can tell whether the following criteria are in order: a) We are doing as pre- expected b) If customers like our product/service and come back. c) If manufacturing processes are controlled. d) Adjustments can be made to improve present performance.
Performance measurement provides us with the needed details to make intelligent decisions.
Performance is usually done by taking done the number of units and unit price of goods sold or cost of goods bought. The products could be listed as 1,000.,000 units of product sold at $5.00 each. The actual units sold or produced by the manufacturing department are then compared with pre-determined standard or goals which was agreed upon. Usually the standards or goals are agreed upon between all departments involved. A too high standard may cause some discouragement with the employees. A too low standard may sometimes cause idleness. Units of measurement could be hours, meters, nanoseconds, dollars, reports, number of errors, length of time spend or to be spent These the usual basic of measurement
Sometimes, other units of measurement are used. The unit of measurement could be miles per gallon ( for analyzing daily gasoline expenses ), fire accidents in a year ( oganization' s safety program) , number of units produced per day ( sales analysis). This sounds better than the unit of measurement in the prior paragraph. What is important is that the unit of measurement used should be the one to show variances between actual and standard performance
Some categories of performance evaluation are enumerated below:
1) Effectiveness - Simply put, actual performance meets the goal set. ( Doing
the job the right way.)
2) Efficiency - Doing the job required at the least possible cost. ( Doing things
the right way.)
3) Quality - Products sold or services given meets ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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