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Marketing Goods & Services - Essay Example

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Marketing as an activity is carried out in a variety of contexts.The main assumption is that new forms of organization are required as a strategic response to the combined effects of market stagnation, technological change, increased uncertainty, and reductions in the working week. …
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Marketing Goods & Services
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Download file to see previous pages Whereas Aldus consumers buy goods and services for a variety of reasons, which may include less tangible considerations of status, industrial buyers tend to be more concerned with the utility of the product in their own process, as well as its contribution to their costs. In this case, organizational buying is institutionalized and is often carried out by professionals using formalized procedures involving quotations and contracts and often as part of a close on-going relationship between buyer and seller.
C. These issues are closely connected with the positioning of Aldus. Trying to penetrate in to two markets Aldus locates a brand in customers' minds over and against competitors in terms of attributes and benefits that the brand does and does not offer. For Aldus, positioning is used in conjunction with the segmentation variables and targeting strategies. Aldus, as a consumer goods company, engages in differentiated target marketing, offering a full range of brands within a given product category. Each product line is positioned slightly differently. Consumer and organizational markets need positioning by attribute or benefit, quality and price, use and user, and competitor. The case study shows that "Aldus became a multi-product and "multi-segment" company with the acquisition and distribution rights" (Aldus, Corporation, 2002).
D. Behavior segmentation focuses on whether or not people buy and use a product, as well as how often, and how much they use or consume. Consumers can be categorized in terms of usage rates-for example, heavy, medium, light, and non-user. Consumers can also be segmented according to user status: potential users, non-users,...
Marketing as an activity is carried out in a variety of contexts. The most obvious context is of course the sale of goods and services to end-users. The main assumption is that new forms of organization are required as a strategic response to the combined effects of market stagnation, technological change, increased uncertainty, and reductions in the working week. Two types of goods commonly result from a production system: services and products. Generally, products are physical goods, such as a personal computer, and services are abstract or nonphysical. Consumer and organizational markets has some differences, which is essential for successful marketing activity. Organizational marketing is a more useful term since it can accurately embrace any marketing exchange between two or more organizations (McDonald, Christopher, 2003). Organizations like Aldus engages in marketing when they sell finished goods to a variety of different sources. The problems connected with organizational buyer include comparatively low price of goods, long contracting, which, in some cases, does not meet the needs of changing economic environment and market conditions. Organizational buyers can reduce price competition involves businesses trying to undercut each other's prices; this will, in turn, be dependent upon their ability to reduce their costs of production. The desire of a group of managers for a larger market share for their products may result in a low price strategy to build up demand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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