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Entrepreneurship Report Name: Professor: Institution: Date: Executive Summary The concept of entrepreneurship dates back to the 1700s and the term entrepreneurship refers to the process of bringing together all other factors of production in a more organize manner to realize certain objectives (Erik, 2011)…
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Interview with entrepreneur
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Download file to see previous pages The reason why these individuals will propose to be their own bosses is because of the various merits that are associated with entrepreneurship. Some of the benefits are becoming their own bosses as well as the ability to enjoy freedom on the areas of businesses (Erik, 2011). The creativity and innovative nature of an individual molds the entrepreneurship skills in them. Since the 1700s many creative and innovative young professionals have become entrepreneurs and the driving force behind their entry into entrepreneurship world are the various benefits that are associated with entrepreneurship (Erik, 2011). Good practice of entrepreneurship requires application of qualities like dedication, flexibility, determination, and creativity. CHAPTER ONE Introduction The process of entrepreneurship starts with introduction of new things in areas where those introduced things are missing. Once the new things have been discovered these things are combined with the already existing resources (Erik, 2011). The process of combination of these things with the already existing resources entails creativity. ...
The generation of their energy takes place internally because of their focused minds and the urge to achieve success in all that they do. Possession of naivety and smartness at the same time These people tend to have high level of intelligence as well naivety in venturing into new areas (Brown, 1989). The naivety originates from divergent thinking since this thinking is associated with separation of good ideas from bad ones. Ability to combine both discipline and playfulness Creative people are always capable of combining both irresponsibility and responsibility quality and they are able to work late at night unlike uncreative individuals (Brown, 1989). Ability to navigate between imagination and fantasy Creative people always have a sense of reality and this reality emerges from imagination that these people obtain from art and science. Possessions of introversion and extraversion These possessions are able to differentiate the personality traits in individuals and measurement of these differences is possible. Studies have shown that these qualities can be both found in creative people. Stephen Murtagh seems to have much of the above qualities and this is because through his efforts AW Bell Machinery manufacturing firm was able to emerge as a medium company for the year (Casey, 2013). The company was not able to export its products in previous years and through his effort they were able to reverse this culture and the company could now export most of its products as well as to come up with innovative and creative products. CHAPTER TWO-Literature review According to Teresa Amabile (1988), some of the factors that enhance individual creativity are self motivation, cognitive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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