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Supply chain management, innovation capability of the company Dell - Essay Example

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Supply chain management, innovation capability of the company Dell Table of Contents Introduction 3 Discussion 3 Conclusion 8 References 9 Introduction Dell is one of the leading US based Multinational Corporations headquartered in Texas. The organization was established by Michael Dell…
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Supply chain management, innovation capability of the company Dell
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Download file to see previous pages The organization is continuously focusing on technological innovation. Attractive tablets and touch screen products has increased the brand preference. Recently, Dell is one of the leading brand names within the technology industry due to its effective product differentiation and supply chain process (Mentzer, 2004, p.112). This essay will focus on various supply chain strategies and processes of Dell. Discussion Delegated suppliers of Dell are the strongest assets of the organization. Effective and unique supply chain process is the major core competency of the organization. Dell focuses on two criteria during the selection of the suppliers. These are health and safety and management qualification. Effective contribution of diverse suppliers have supports the whole business process of Dell. Effective supply chain strategy and process helps the organization to meet market demand and customer satisfaction. A firm of suppliers need to have the dignity, respect and ethical standards (Mangan, Lalwani and Mentzer, 2004, p.112). Moreover, women owners, ethnic minorities, veterans and disable veterans are the effective parts of the supply chain management of Dell. Supply chain network of Dell consists of 6 key ingredients, such as sub-component manufacturer, component manufacturer, component assembler, wholesaler, retailer and final customer. The organization utilizes several sub-component manufacturers to establish the major component. These established components are provided to Dell. The organization has developed itself as large wholesaler in global market place. These completed components of Dell are then purchased by the wholesaler. Following to this, several global retailers purchase these products from their wholesalers to mitigate the market demand (Bozath, 2006, p.22). Finally, the end-potential customers avail the products from retailers to satisfy their own individual level of needs and desire. Dell follows a unique supply chain process. Suppliers and customers are two key parts in the supply chain process of Dell. The suppliers of Dell supply the products on appropriate demand in every two hours. Generally customers place order for the products through phone and internet (Li, 2007, p.51). All the manufacturing units or plants of Dell have unique internal storing system. Merging storing system is the key part of the supply chain of Dell. Effective logistics associates of Dell provide deliveries and services within the mentioned deadline. The organization focuses on highly qualified and capable suppliers as the major goal of the organization is to meet the satisfaction level of customer through effective customer service and significant technological innovation. Dell operates within the first movers industry. The suppliers of Dell always focus on innovation and effective supply chain processes. The organization tries to invest significantly in order to avail latest and developed materials to develop several innovative products like touch screen. Highly qualified suppliers are necessary for this reason. The unique suppliers help the organization to utilize unique source of product materials. Supply chain theory depends on two key aspects like supply chain management and internal functional co-ordination. Effective supply chain management helps the organization to monitor and manage the suppliers in a unique strategic manner. The employees of Dell take the major initiative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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