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Human Resource Development and Management Critical Thinking Mod 5 - Essay Example

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Please insert analysis,execution planning,developmentin in clock wise order in the circle and put feed back outside every circle quarter Training is an integral part of any business organization and in the absence of training program the organizational structure can fall back…
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Human Resource Development and Management Critical Thinking Mod 5
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Development and Management Critical Thinking Mod 5"

Download file to see previous pages Every employee possesses different positive and negative qualities which need to be molded to meet the requirements of a business. Every individual has strength and weaknesses, but training brings out the best in an employee. Training alone cannot bring productivity and performance standard in an employed but a development process also need to be followed by the managerial level. As per (Career NZ) “Workplace training, also known as trade or industry training, involves learning and earning money while you work”. There are certain steps in training and development procedure and that need to be followed. Analysis: Analyzing means understanding and evaluating the abilities and skills of individual employees. This is the primary stage and an important one to initiate training process. According to (CMI, 2003) “Analyzing what the training needs are is a vital prerequisite for any effective training programmer or event”. Without a proper analysis training can proceed to be a disastrous process. In this stage, a training manger can glance deep into the positive and negative qualities of an employee. This helps the manager to assess the refinement needed in a person to come up as a quality staff. Planning: When a training co – coordinator or manager conduct analyzis, he has in mind the ways to plan a training procedure. As per (Johnson) “Designing an effective training program for an organization is a challenging task. You need to be highly organized and have a clear idea of what you need the training program to accomplish”. A training structure cannot be formulated if the individual employees are not studied in a calculative manner.Planning is secondary to analysis as only after analysis can a manger lay out what elements need to be included or excluded in a training program. As per(Ajlouni,2010,pg 56-65)“The process of identifying training needs is carefully thought out programmer that needs to be carried out with sensitivity because success of a training programmer may be crucial for the survival of the organization”. Execution :This is the third and a very important stage in training and development phenomenon. Here, the manager execute or put in practice the training plan. Here , each individual is educated about the organizational objective and the qualities needed for an ideal employee. During a training program , the main objective of a manager is to develop the personality and performance standard of the employees participating. As per (Seeklander,2009)“Sloppy attention to detail, or a lazy work ethic during training sessions will result in imprinting a technique wrong into our subconscious mind” Development: Development is the ongoing educational activity occurring in an organization as a part of a training program. A development process involves many educational techniques which will enhance the productivity and performance quality of an employee. In the journal, (Truitt, 2007) writes that“Positive training offered to employees may assist with reduction of anxiety or frustration, which most employees have experienced on more than one occasion during their employment careers”. Feedback – Feedback is an important process in all these stages of training and development session. This gives an outline and idea to the training manager about the experience of the trainees. According to (Raemdonck, 2012, pg24-48) “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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