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Name Professor Bossiness Date The EU should remain intact Ratification of European Stability Mechanism (ESM) was received as significant news for the Eurozone, though there were numerous questions concerning its need and effectiveness. On the other hand, the fate of the Eurozone finances was on the hands of the German Federal Constitution Court, since the application of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) had to be ratified by the member state representing 90 present of capital requirement…
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Should the EU remain intact
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Bossiness The EU should remain intact Ratification of European Stability Mechanism (ESM) was received as significant news for the Eurozone, though there were numerous questions concerning its need and effectiveness. On the other hand, the fate of the Eurozone finances was on the hands of the German Federal Constitution Court, since the application of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) had to be ratified by the member state representing 90 present of capital requirement. In this case, Germany is one of the two members determining the fate of EU, since it represents 27.15% of the ESM capital contribution, thus their decision was substantial (Butler, 1). Nevertheless, their decision supported ESM and this made the assertion that EU had a chance to take over in the future in order to deal with the current crisis. Moreover, there are immense consequences to the decision; hence, EU has laid strategies focusing on recovery. In fact, the paper seeks to develop an argument to support the motion that EU should remain intact. In order to ensure that EU has remain intact, there is a need for the European Central Bank to make an effort of stemming the crisis in the EU, since the current financial entities are able to deal with the situation. In fact, the system is at stake, since the euro is at risk and both EFSF and ESM are not seen be acting enough on the issue, being the emergency financial mechanisms, which are applied during weak Eurozone economies. There is a need to for ECB to commence buying unlimited bonds, since this will contribute to the stability of EU; thus, Eurozone will remain intact despite the current crisis. There are possible fears that a default by Greece can result to the collapse of the EU, which comprises of seventeen countries using the euro as a currency, hence no country should leave the EU, instead there are prospects of other countries joining in the future. European Commission is making the effort avoid the subjecting itself to the criticisms from various members of the state since Romania and Bulgaria were admitted to the EU. This admission was under fire on grounds of prematurity; hence, the efforts have raised the Eurozone crisis in 2009. Various countries are focusing on articulating additional prerequisites in the process of deliberating themselves from the European Council, which is to be fulfilled by the accession candidate. Therefore, confounding the intentions of European Commission is to establish a common EU stance concerning the process of becoming a member. Moreover, the commission has adopted a depoliticized, procedure of quasi-technical enlargement, which is approved by shuns of obligations to the interests of nations in EU. The commission is also seeking to attain a battery of political objectives of strategic significance to the whole Union; hence the prospect of accession will be designed to facilitate the defuse anxiety in Western Balkans ethno political spectrum. Therefore, this will enable the mediation of the border and status disputes, hence promote the security in region girdled by members of EU. For example, there are expectations of political reforms to complement the process of accession, hence expediting democratization of Turkey, hence safeguard connections to the West. In fact, the effort of anchoring Turkey to the west is an indispensable element of transatlantic security architecture, though areas related to energy, migration policy and efforts to deal with terrorism, thus depicting the significance of Turkey to EU has increased in some areas. Therefore, there are expectations of Turkey to make a significant contribution through the significant role in the European security and development policy in the Middle East and North Africa in a situation of political turmoil, which is experience in the Mediterranean. There is strict objectivity that is sought by the EU and other bodies in order to scrutinize the compliance associated with criteria, instead of the persevering the discomfort resulting from various political goals. In this case, the political factors are significantly contributing to the closing stage of round related to membership negotiation for all nations, whether Bulgaria, Romania or Croatia. The other candidates in South Eastern Europe are entirely cognizant in the hidden endeavors associated with membership deliberations, which is motivated politically and meeting the strict requirement of compliance. In addition, this creates an impression that the membership bar of EU has been raised, which is a long established perception in Turkey. Therefore, sixty-percent of the population supports the admission of Turkey become a member of EU, though twenty five percent of the citizens have the conviction that their expectations will be realized within the next decade. However, there are those who are questioning the reservation of Europe towards Islam, hence becoming a significant cause of delay. In conclusion, the paper has explored issues related to European Union in order to develop an argument to elaborate on the significance of remain intact. Therefore, ideas in the essay are aimed at supporting the rationale behind the motives by involved parties focusing on foreseeing the sustainability of EU, instead of allowing counties to leave the union. Work Cited Butler, Kyle. "The Eurozone Remains Intact, for Now." Dayonbay. September 20, 2012 Available at: [Accessed on October 2012] Read More
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Should the EU Remain Intact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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