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Human computer interaction - Assignment Example

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Human computer interaction Insert Name Insert Institution Question 1 The black book offers a great opportunity for documentation of issues, successes and failures of technology. Synchronized documentation of these issues offers a great opportunity for the development of possible solutions to the problems we face today…
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Human computer interaction
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Download file to see previous pages This made me to access outdated and irrelevant source of ideas that lowered my knowledge and competence levels. Equally, there were cases in which hackers and introduction of malware made accessing the sites impossible hence completely blocking my access to the sites. The major contributing factors to the problems were unprofessional management of the sites plus poor site designs. The site hosts assumed that the sites operated perfectly despite the poor maintenance approaches provided. Progress is achievable through improved maintenance and constant updating of the sites ensuring stable site access throughout the year. Future designs of these sites need to factor in issues of proper site maintenance with regular upgrades to avoid inconvenience to all the users. Question 2 HCL is supposed to offer quick solutions in an effective and comprehensive way without compromising the quality of products and services in question. The use of mobile technology to get solutions for common problems is one of the great samples. Many present day scanners use heuristic signatures for virus and malware detection in an efficient and faster means. This is sustainable model for handling the problems with a properly designed tool and framework without compromising of the status of data under threat. ...
Therefore, it offers a sustainable and manageable solution to lives and property. The essence of Berkun apply to HCL since the algorithms in HCL are quite compressive and user friendly that they are able to offer solutions to most common problems in technology use and academic endeavours of people presently. In gaming and social media application of this technology has enriched and fastened the use of this services.HCL applies the search of task through search trees accomplishing it effectively .The amount of information and games in the internet is quite high therefore it offers efficiency due to its selectiveness and specialization. Instead of giving all the possible solution branches, it provides the branch most likely possible to the necessary outcomes in relation to other branches and options. From experiences in using this technology its specific in selection of information and materials at the points of need. Question 3 Connection with technology challenges the status quo through offering various opportunities and possibilities to human connection rather than the physical communication. The examples and real applications presented by Sherry Turckle represent an illustration of what is going on in the world of technology today. The society expects much from technology in relation to what we receive and expect from humans. It has provided an opportunity and illusion of companionship without friendship hence no cost and incurred within the companionship model provided by technology. Parents and the children fail to provide one another with companionship and attention as witnessed in cases where parents get busy with emailing and texting to colleagues during meals instead of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human computer interaction

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Human computer interaction

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