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Strategic Management Process/Vision, Goals, Objectives Name: Institution: Strategic Management Process/Vision, Goals, Objectives Introduction The mission and vision statements of a firm help the people understand what a company is all about. Without the two of them means that the company cannot function since it has no set goals or objectives…
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Strategic Management Process/Vision, Goals, Objectives
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Download file to see previous pages Employees To the employees of the firm the company commits itself to providing staff with a highly stable working environment with the same opportunity for learning and also personal growth (Kelly, 2009). Innovation and creativity get encouraged for the improvement of Southwest Airlines effectiveness (Grossman, 2005). In addition, the employees will receive the same concern, caring attitude, and respect in the organization. This they should share externally with each and every existing Southwest Airlines Customer. To the community that the firm is serving, the firm’s goal is to become the hometown airline of each community they serve, and since these communities sustain and nurture them with their undying support and loyalty to their service, it is crucial that the airline embrace the community with its spirit of involvement, service and caring, to ensure that these communities turn out to be better areas to work and live (Kelly, 2009). ...
In their quest to protect the globe for the future generations, while meeting their set commitments to their Employees, Customers, and the Stakeholders, the airline will strive to lead its industry in highly innovative efficiency that conserves the existing natural resources, maintain a highly innovative and creative workforce, and to give back to the community that it lives and works (SouthwestAirlines, 2011). Southwest airlines have a group of employees volunteering from all sectors of the organization, and who become dedicated to continuing the company’s efforts in environmental conservation (Kelly, 2009). The group known as the Green Team comprises of all of the company’s business function, coming together under a common umbrella of improving the degree of the firms’ environmental stewardship through various daily actions (Grossman, 2005). This green team engages in a number of activities such as implementation of a highly efficient recycling program. Company's Values and Analysis The main core value of Southwest airlines is to remain at the helm the industry, introduce new technology, and change labor force to be a leading airline industry. The company’s values are also to use environment friendly technologies. Southwest airlines run one of the industry’s modern and highly innovative fuel efficient fleets. The company works hard to manage Greenhouse effect both on air and ground. The company is operating programs like efficient flight profile speed on air to help on this. The company is also keen and helpful to the community that it serves. From cash and donations to a number of volunteer efforts like Share the Spirit, the company reaches out to give ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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