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Describe and Compare the Role of Local and State Government in Urban and Regional Planning in Western Australia - Essay Example

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Describe and Compare the Role of Local and State Government in Urban and Regional Planning in Western Australia Introduction The perception of planning is principally described as the procedure of setting different effective goals, developing resourceful strategies as well as outlining useful schedules or tasks for the purpose of attaining the pre-specified objectives (Mintzberg, 1994)…
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Describe and Compare the Role of Local and State Government in Urban and Regional Planning in Western Australia
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Extract of sample "Describe and Compare the Role of Local and State Government in Urban and Regional Planning in Western Australia"

Download file to see previous pages These two factors are considered to be a fundamental basis of planning (Blackhall, 2005). It is in this regard that the local as well as the state government of any particular nation plays a considerable role in making effective plans. In relation to planning system, the primary purposes of the government, in both local as well as state levels, are to generate sustainable communities, encourage sustainable development and enhance the performance of the local authorities in determining any sort of planning applications (Poister, 2005). In this discussion, an overview of the planning system which prevails in Western Australia will be taken into concern. Moreover, a detailed description about how the planning system operates at the local and state level in Western Australia will be discussed henceforth. Various aspects which include the planning legislations, plans and the administrative frameworks prevailing in Western Australia in relation to planning system will also be considered. Besides, an evaluation about the purpose of planning in Western Australia will be portrayed in the below discussion. Operations of the Planning System in Western Australia The planning system currently prevailing in Western Australia has served the state successfully for more than 50 years. The planning system existing in the region of Western Australia is primarily based upon an exceptional combination of steady institutional based arrangements, which enjoys bipartisan support by a certain extent. The system is structurally governed by simple as well as strong legislation along with a centralized legitimate authority titled as The Department of Planning (DoP). DoP was formed in the year 2009 in Western Australia which plays an imperative role in enhancing the living standard of the inhabitants belonging to the state. It broadly aims to support as well as to organize the planning and advancement of regional land-use within Western Australia (Government of Western Australia, 2011). It has been apparent from the fact that most of the people as well as the different government agencies pay utmost attention towards the planning system for the purpose of growing their respective townships in a sustainable manner (Oladipo, 2008). It is worth mentioning in this regard that the chief components of the planning system in Western Australia are based on the ideas of strategic planning and statutory planning. The aspect of strategic planning emphasizes upon long-term regional planning throughout the region of Western Australia. It incorporates a broad assortment of various social, financial, infrastructural and environmental issues by a considerable extent. In the similar context, the idea of statutory planning stresses upon the fact of effectively managing the procedure of land-use, urban development and land supply across the region of Western Australia (State of Western Australia, 2007). The different priority areas that the planning system in Western Australia focuses upon include empowering the institutional arrangements as well as the governance, developing an inclusive regional framework and simplifying various planning approvals. The other concerning areas include paying greater attention to the major planning projects as well as effectual planning instruments and establishing an incorporated infrastructure for developing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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