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Corporate Social Responsibility for Medium-Sized Companies - Assignment Example

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Corporate Social Responsibility for medium-sized Companies Name University Pured® is a beverage company with bottled mineral water and packaged fruit juice as products. It is a medium-sized public limited company launched in 2009, with 68% public ownership and 32% private capital of its total worth…
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Corporate Social Responsibility for Medium-Sized Companies
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Download file to see previous pages For this reason, there is room for CSR activities and an enhanced action plan with the stakeholders. Employees, investors, customer and suppliers are part of the internal circle. At Pured®, workforce being 160 results in diminished employee inefficiencies and friction. However, employee-focused workshops can be arranged on a quarterly basis so that any unwanted stir-ups or potential inefficiencies can be eliminated. Since every employee adds value to the concise nature of company operations; any disruption can do more harm than it would in a large enterprise. Subsequently, labour unions will also be content with Pured®’s employee management. As for customers and suppliers, the general rule of thumb should be honesty and respect of commitment. Since the company values all its contributing stakeholders, customers and suppliers need utmost deliverance. If things are optimum with the supplier, the positive effect will trickle down to the customers. Exclusively for customers though, ethically-aware advertising and quality maintenance are most important. Pured®’s 68% public ownership roughly amounts to 4000 shareholders. Some important points should be taken into account here. Pured®, being a public corporation, must try to keep the investors up-to-date about the financial and overall situation of the company; the financial reports should be transparent. When it comes to secondary stakeholders, however, government laws and taxation duties should be top priorities for Pured®. The tax bracket needs to be re-evaluated since the company has grown from a small company to medium-sized company. At the end of the day, indirect stakeholders influence the company in many ways, hence, social developmental activities and external parties should be considered as well. The factory is located on the outskirts of the city and there has been considerable allotment of funds towards a ‘greener’ way of manufacturing techniques. This can be reasoned with the fact that one of the main motivations for small businesses to be socially responsible is reputation (Six Key Issues on Corporate Social Responsibility, 2003). As the new CEO, I find it necessary to make sure this ‘green’ approach is implemented. The outskirts of the city are also home to various fruit and dairy farms. Hence, this calls for environmentally-friendly processes at the factory. Emissions should be cut to minimum and recycling should become part of company values. This could very well create a positive image of the company especially among local residents that might include employees who live nearby. Also, recycling and ‘green’ processes would help save costs in the long-run. Recycling will help save costs in the raw material purchase. In future, the filling machines and packaging automated systems can be run on solar power. Apart from that, CSR activities are also important. For large companies, there are a lot possible avenues for social deliverance such as educational institutes, entertainment industry and government welfare projects. But, sponsoring and funding social campaigns on a large basis are difficult for small and/or medium companies; however, small contributions can be made to potentially needy class of society. Brand recognition is vital here; since our products are beverages, we ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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