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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Introduction to Business 1 Businesses use different management strategies to achieve their objectives. An interview conducted at Hampton winds restaurant in Northampton indicate that the management style used by an organization determines the success of a business…
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Interview as a management strategie
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Task: Introduction to Business Businesses use different management strategies to achieve their objectives. An interview conducted at Hampton winds restaurant in Northampton indicate that the management style used by an organization determines the success of a business. The business in the region has set out to accomplish their goals and objectives through ethical means. The fundamental purpose of the restaurant is to achieve maximum profitability from its operations. Subsequently, the business focuses on developing a reputable global brand in delivering high quality products to its clients (Handlechner 3). Equally, the business intends to expand its operations throughout Nottingham. As presented by the management, profitability was decisive for the development of the business. The management has set out to empower staff through training and other employee motivational techniques to attain its goals (Podmoroff 255). The company in Northampton focused on teamwork as one of their strategies for achieving the business objectives. Subsequently, the management had adopted a participative approach to leadership. The use of technology was embraced to enhance productivity within the operational departments. The findings of the interview indicated that the management was using a combination of strategies in achieving their business objectives. Firstly, the organization recruited competent staff from the job market. The management emphasized planning because it determines efficiency in the organization. Additionally, the management has placed emphasis on enhancing communication within operational departments. 2 The manager motivates the employees using various approaches and it is common for the management at the restaurant to use rewards. At first, performing employees are identified then remunerated based on their level of productivity. The company ensures equity and fairness when dealing with its employees to boost performance in the organization. The incentive theory is preferred because it produces results immediately upon its application (Podmoroff 208). The tangible rewards are given in the form of salary increment or bonuses for exemplary performance. Secondly, the restaurant has ensured that its employees have job security. As such, the management shows a concern for the emotional needs of staff. In addition, the employees at the organization are allowed to express their opinions/feedback on works matters freely. The management of the restaurant also uses arousal theory when motivational speakers are invited in the company to inspire the employees of the organization through talks. This happens on a yearly basis. The speakers are successful business people from reputable organization such as Microsoft. The restaurant offers annual rewards for all the employees of the company. This acts as an instinct reward incentive for the employees of the restaurant. The instinct reward theory is used because employees behave in a certain way when promised rewards (Podmoroff 159). Subsequently, the management ensures that the work conditions are suitable for enhancing productivity. Lastly, the manager stated that they cater for the emotional needs of the employees of the restaurant. 3 The restaurant focuses on producing quality products in the market as one of their marketing strategy. Secondly, the management has automated most of the operations of the company to ensure that they deliver products to the market on time. Moreover, the organization supplies commodities to the market at an affordable rate. In addition to standardizing their production process, the company has segmented their market based on the demand of the client (Hill 13). Sales promotion strategies are aiding the company to achieve its objectivities in the market. As such, the company markets some of its products online to reach a wider target audience. Setting up a public relations department has been helpful in promoting sales in the market. 4 The company has devised modern approaches for pricing their products in the market to increase the inflow of cash. The company is increasing its investment in assets and control measures are in place to prevent the business from incurring looses. The management intends to expand their operations within the wider Nottingham County. Moreover, employees pay will reflect on their performance in the restaurant. Additionally, the employees are encouraged to invest in the company by purchasing shares. 5 The tough financial conditions contributed to a decline in profitability of the restaurant. As a result, the management was forced to devise strategies for reversing the conditions. Automation of the operation was one of the strategies. According to the manager, stratagems for cutting costs led to the layoff of some employees. Moreover, the organization was forced to cut down on some of its operational costs. Spending was reduced on training and program aimed towards advertising the organization. The morale of the employees in the organization was affected by the decline (Handlechner 11). This contributed the low levels of productivity at the organization. However, some areas of management were not altered during the tough economic conditions. Interestingly, the business continued using their marketing strategies that were in place prior to the recession period. 6 The interview was conducted to determine the suitable management style for attaining business success. Indeed, businesses that have achieved success have done so regardless of the challenges (Narayanan & Vikram 1). The theories of employee motivation work well when applied professionally as Hampton winds did. It was proven that marketing is fundamental for the success of an organization. Works Cited Handlechner, Manuel. Marketing Strategy. Munchen: GRIN Verlag GmbH, 2008. Print Hill, Stewart. Management Development: Perspectives from Research and Practice. New York, NY: Routledge. 2007. Print Narayanan, M P. & Vikram, Nanda. Finance for Strategic Decision Making: What Non-Financial Managers Need to Know. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2004. Print. Podmoroff, Dianna. 365 Ways to Motivate and Reward Your Employees Every Day with Little or No Money. Ocala, FL: Atlantic Pub. Group, 2005. Print. Read More
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