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Starbucks: A Diversity Audit - Essay Example

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Why Starbucks Was Chosen and How the Audit Was Conducted?It was chosen because it’s a Fortune 500 company that has a numerous amount of perks for its workers, including health insurance for workers that contribute twenty to forty hours of work per week…
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Starbucks: A Diversity Audit
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Download file to see previous pages Not only that, but Starbucks has a “partners” system that encourages camaraderie and employee benefits. These benefits highlight the bonuses of being a worker at Starbucks, including having access to “partner numbers,” which are numbers that allow the worker to gain a certain percentage off on merchandise and coffee from Starbucks when they buy such things. There is a hierarchical system of management, with managers being at the top, and partners being the baristas who basically work at shifts during the day in order to run the stores. Usually baristas only make an average of $8 per hour if that, not including tips—before taxes. Another reason why Starbucks was chosen as an object of investigation was because of its streamlined marketing plan which has worked effectively in the U.S. and several foreign countries. According to Simon (2009), “The same perfectly calibrated predictability…adds value to Starbucks products and lures millions of people to its stores everyday” (pp. 58). Starbucks is a multi-national corporation that has become a multi-million dollar company within such a short time, that it is definitely a leitmotif for potential future companies that want to follow in its footsteps of success. Starbucks is definitely one company that should be watched, and that is why it was chosen to be analyzed. Starbucks Coffee Company was destined for greatness. According to Collins (2007), when Howard Schultz decided to open two Starbucks cafes right across the street from each other, he never imagined that one would draw a business crowd while the other would attract hipsters (pp. 2). Obviously, Starbucks attracts a certain segment of the population that relies on specialty coffees and teas as a part of its everyday existence. Five participants were audited in the survey—including one hiring (HR) manager and one former employee were interviewed in-depth; their actual first names will be given later in the piece. II. Investigation 1. Upon observing the physical setting, it was noticed that the arrangement of this particular Starbucks in Chicago was very neatly arranged. The initial impression was that the environment was a bit staid. People didn’t really make much eye contact unless asked to do something. The physical layout seems to place a distance between the baristas, the managers, and the customers. Everyone has their “area,” creating a very territorial attitude as one walks in. Of course, this is not true of all divisions or even facilities. It really does depend upon where one is—how convenient the layout is, et cetera. Starbucks in New York are totally much more accessible. 2. Upon collecting and analyzing written materials, such as annual reports, newsletters, news releases, and manuals, this information realized the strictness within the company. The baristas are required to begin at the beginning of their work careers to taste at least all of the coffees they can, starting with time at training. On their “Career Diversity” (2012) section of their website, the seven people pictured are all African-American (pgh. 1). The company seems to basically be saying that by incorporating ‘diversity,’ that means that they hire African-Americans an overwhelming majority of the time, or perhaps even are a pro-Black company. The company says about itself on its “Starbucks Supplier Diversity Program” (2012), it claims that it is “…actively seeking out women- and minority-owned businesses to purchase from, we help build prosperous communities in diverse neighborhoods” (pgh. 1). The type of culture that the written materials reflect is that it is committed to minorities—a.k.a. people of color— ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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