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Assemble a Patchwork Text (Accounting and Information System) - Essay Example

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Introduction Modern organisational leaders need to define their leadership style keeping a number of things in mind. The most critical concern for these leaders is to present themselves in a manner that appeals to their audiences. Given the connectivity between modern private and organisational life, it comes as no surprise that the modern organisational leader has to project a coherent image of himself…
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Assemble a Patchwork Text (Accounting and Information System)
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Download file to see previous pages The dynamic nature of the modern markets means that organisations and their operating principles will always be on the change. Unless the modern working individual can change just as fast or faster, there is little relevance of his work to the organisation anymore. These personal changes have their wider impact on the organisational culture as well since people working in one organisation are deeply interlinked. These issues gain greater momentum when put under the light of dealing with a large number of staff members with varying socio economic and ethnic backgrounds. The multicultural environment in the modern workplace necessitates the individual to be accommodating, tolerant and ready for change as required. When viewed closely, these issues relating to change in the modern workplace all point to the same direction – the individual. As organisations change in one way or the other, the individual employed in these situations has to mould himself or herself accordingly. This indicates that the individual working for these establishments has to be quick and responsive to change by being accustomed to changes in leadership styles, management of change and their impact on others around them. These needs and requirements of change in the modern workplace mean that the individual has to be equipped with knowledge of psychodynamics to change. However, since psychodynamics is not a part of essential learning and training in most organisations, a large number of employees find it hard to change. It is only recently that psychodynamics has been employed in organisations to explain change on an individual level. This paper will employ the psychodynamic concepts elucidated by Vries (2004) in order to explain organisational change and its relevance to personal change. The facets of personal change and organisational change experienced by the author in an organisational work environment will be explored in detail in different sections. The first section will concentrate on the primary issue that caused a personal change in an organisational environment to occur. Both the core issues and their deeper context will be explored with reference to the organisation. The second section will focus on the causes that caused recognition of change and its corresponding management. The third section will expound how the author dealt with such changes and ensured its sustainability. The fourth section will deal with how this change affected the greater organisational culture and particularly the people around the author. Focal Event A focal event in terms of personal change can represent a decisive event that forces a person to change. It must also be mentioned that the focal event does not precipitate without past events that are gradually moving a person to a change. The focal event that is being referred to in this paper has been likened to the “last straw on the camel’s back” (Vries & Balazs, 1999). Therefore, the focal event can be treated as a minor or major event that triggers a person to pursue change that had been developing over a period of time for any number of factors. My focal event was when I was transferred from an existing unit to a new unit that was just being set up. The management had asked me if I intended to shift to the new unit. I was appraised that the setting up of a new unit would allow me to experience many things for the first time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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