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The Exxon Valdez Company - Case Study Example

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This case study stresses that the company paid a significant amount of money in compensation for damages from the incidence including lawsuits and claims. The company also launched cleanup initiatives to ensure the water were clean. The in Exxon tanker oil spill boosted disaster preparedness…
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The Exxon Valdez Company
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Extract of sample "The Exxon Valdez Company"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper highlights, the company also launched cleanup initiatives to ensure the water were clean. The in Exxon tanker oil spill, however, boosted disaster preparedness in many organizations today. The incidence occurred in 1989 characterized by oil spill from an Exxon tanker. The Exxon Corporation and Alyeska Pipeline services faced considerable disapproval in view of the manner in which they handled the incidence. The spill occurred on 24 March and spread over considerable square miles. The Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska were the most affected areas by the spill. The incidence created serious environmental concerns because of the effect it brought to the environment including the waters. It would also have profound effects on the oil production in the area of Alaska. The company undertook clean up initiatives and compensated different stakeholders affected by the oil spill. The major issues in the case included the imperfect and slow response to the oil spill. An in-depth analysis of the response reveals instances of unpreparedness of the organizations to handle the situation. Instances of mismanagement and negligence were evident from the approach use as a response to the spill. The decision of the ship’s captain to attempt to free the tanker from the reef was a sign of underperformance. According to officials, the decision led to further spill of the oil. After getting the oil spill report, Alyeska crews did not respond in a manner that showed their preparedness for an oil spill.
The company did not have sufficient containment equipment, which were vital for managing the situation. This was a case of mismanagement. Alyeska Pipeline services did not depict proper disaster preparedness strategies. The organization’s oil-spill containment equipment was in disarray and took a long time to assemble. There was improper preparation of ways in which to transport the equipment to the oil spill point.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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