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Case Response about Corporate Communication Dear Employees, We know that our organization is going through tough circumstances. However, this time it is an email composed by Mr. Douglas L.Getter, the head of Dewey Ballantine’s European Merger and acquisition practice that had resulted into the disturbances…
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Case Response about Corporate Communication
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Case Response about Corporate Communication Dear Employees, We know that our organization is going through tough circumstances. However, this time it is an email composed by Mr. Douglas L.Getter, the head of Dewey Ballantine’s European Merger and acquisition practice that had resulted into the disturbances. Responding to an advertising to adopt puppies, he wrote, “Please don’t let these puppies go to a Chinese restaurant!” This email has raised all the issues of controversy inside and outside the firm. The controversy has not only caused problem to Mr. Douglas but has a tremendous impact on the firm as well (O’Rourke 04-10). In above lines, I have already cited that the firm is being severely affected by the issue. The issue has set hurdles and has prevented the firm from its proper functioning. The matter which we are encountering has to be resolved mutually before it becomes more adverse and uncontrollable, as here it is not the matter of ‘his’ or ‘mine’ but it is generally causing problem to the entire stakeholders of the firm. Mortan A. Pierce, Co-Chairman at the firm has also shown his deep concern for the matter. He added in his words that the firm partners’ will show more discipline and will keep on apologizing. Values and beliefs of every individual in the firm will be taken care of, whether he/she is from America or China, or from any other nation. If any measures need to be implemented or to be deleted to maintain proper discipline, the firm will always be a step ahead. Whether it is a top level management or low level employees serious action will be taken in case of violation of discipline. It is not just about Asian American but actually it is hampering the firm and its objectives at the most. The mail would have been taken as a humor but rather because of the communication barriers it has gained such popularity. It is good to be in light but always with good reason and not with criticisms. Since our firm is operating in a number of other countries in the world, it has become our responsibility to consider the sentiments and the emotions of employees from different parts of the world. The firm needs to emphasize on the participative culture if it needs to succeed. Leaders in the firm should pay fair respect to the employees’ emotions and sentiments. One can be ready to work with less salary but one cannot compromise with his values. In this context, I would like to point out that the firm’s policy has always been to attribute justice and honesty. In order to accomplish our goals, it is necessary that the employees of the firm are dedicated towards their duties rather than engaging in controversy. We are trying our best to resolve the problem internally as soon as possible. Every individual are alike in terms of humanity and has feeling of love for their country and it cannot be over looked. Contextually, partners in the firm had also been given advises to respect the core values of the employees and think patiently before they reach any conclusion. None of the firms can thrive in controversial arena. It is therefore necessary that the firm should focus its attention on the task and enhance its communicating system openly and honestly. Leaders and the employees in the firm should understand each other’s thoughts and take constructive measures before it becomes adverse (O’Rourke 04-10). Undoubtedly communication is a difficult skill associated with leadership. At times, the inappropriate or miscommunication can cause serious problems in the organization, as the case in the firm. Lack of proper communication leads the people in the firm to become inconsistent in accomplishing the objective and it often results in low confidence. Thus, it becomes equally important to improve communication skills. We should be careful with our words while communicating with others, whatever be the means of communication we choose to communicate. Effective communication system acts as an asset to the firm and is needed in every step in the firm. Executives should also be aware of the requirements of both the employees and the management. Management must ensure timely and effective communication within the firm. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are the key instruments to improve one’s communication. One should always respect the opinion of the other person and try to create cordial working environment within the firm. Never lose your temper or argue with your seniors. Speak politely and avoid using words that hurt sentiments should be the priorities. Before I wind up my words, I would like to convey to the dedicated and trustworthy employees of the firm not to engage in any kind of work that hampers the smooth functioning of the firm. It is also recommended that every individual in the firm maintains proper discipline and helps to create cordial relationship in the firm. Yours Sincerely, Betty Angel Corporate Communication Officer Work Cited O’Rourke, James S. Dewey Ballantine LLP: Cultural Stereotype and an Interoffice E-Mail. University of Notre Dame, 2004. Print. Read More
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