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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Cross culture communication Personal experience With reference to Schwartz, working in a cross-cultural environment can be challenging mainly because of aspects related to culture, communication, values, and dimensions people ailing from different backgrounds…
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Cross Culture Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Emphasis on universal national values of culture suggests that individuals are able to shape their values from experiences gained within a society (Kim, 2008:44). When studying values as noted by Schwartz it comes out that, a bipolar relationship can only exist between and among a number of cultural values. This paper will present a personal reflection on the experience of working in the cross-cultural team and managing the cross-cultural team. During the research when holding the managing post for various sessions, it is worth noting that the task of organization and management in a firm relies heavily on communication between and among all employees present in that firm. The organization should exhibit a great knowledge and application of bipolar relationship whereby conservatism and autonomy dominated the task. Since conservatism and autonomy highlight that the nature of a relationship exists between individuals and a group, it is upon the managing team to ensure communication flows effectively. This means that as a manager, one must break down all barriers to effective communication (Fabbi, 2011:79). As such, there are platform that highlight and note presence of effective communication tools. ...
Apart from that, from the experience of managing it is worth noting that for employees to perform efficiently, they need motivation. Motivation is a key factor towards realizing the best out of the available employees in an organization (Reisinger, 2009:57). When a manager recognizes efforts of employees and subsequently awards him or her, their output increases automatically. This shows that elements that boost the morale of employees are important as have the capability of taking the organization to the next desired level (Norales, 2006:152). During the management session, a number of issues related to cross culture arise. For instance, since culture is a broad subject, it becomes clear that some employees might not understand particular values and attitudes of the organization (Gross, Jan, and Paula, 2009:67). Furthermore, there are barrier in terms of technology and material culture within and among different employees all in the same organization. Aesthetics and education are also part of the issues related to cross culture that have chances of arising during the learning sessions (William, 2003:302). Nevertheless, given the point that there are means in which managers can deal with issues arising from cross-cultural dimensions, my learning experience points out that organizational training and practice can be part of the solutions to a large number of cross-cultural issues (Wu, 2008:77). Through performance orientation, it will be easy to deal with the erupting issues. Besides, presence of more orientations based on humane, collectivism, and future prospects makes the procedure of handling any issues arising from cross culture more efficient (Wu, 2008:100). As a result, experience based on management of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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