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Functional Analysis of Capsim Business Simulation Name Institution Date Introduction This paper performs a functional analysis of Capsim Business simulation by firstly defining the functions and scope of responsibilities of each unit in the Capsim Business simulation…
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Functional Analysis of Capsim Business Simulation
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the paper analyses how each of the functional unit integrates and interacts with other functional units. Finally, the paper provides my recommendations for a business leader in managing a $40 million manufacturing business. The simulation provides a rare chance in experiencing how managing a full business while utilizing the benefits of reports helps in showing the correlations existing between the outcomes in a business and the management decisions (Forgang, 2004). The units of the simulation include production, marketing, finance, research & development (R&D), Human resources and (TQM) total qualities management (Bossche, Gijselaer & Milter, 2011). Production involves the behaviors that firms exhibit at the market places in regards to the creation of goods along with services. This is mainly done for the purpose of satisfying their consumer wants (Dusseau & Wilson, 2010). The production managers involved in a business should engage in comprehending the relationships that exist between the business inventory levels and their carrying costs along with their market shares (Dusseau & Wilson, 2010). They should also understand the relationship existing between their production capacities and the number of excess hours that their employees have to work to achieve their goals (Sitomer, 2010). This is because a business may end up incurring losses in their operations when their expenses in catering for the overtime hours worked and the cost of this labor exceeds their earnings (Clawson & Haskins, 2006). The production managers in a business will be responsible for producing beneficial results through their efforts of automating the production processes and increasing their manufacturing capacities (Forgang, 2004). Marketing, in a manufacturing environment, refers to the processes through which businesses indulge in creating value for their customers while at the same time building strong relationships with them (Wankel, Arthur & Stoner, 2009). It also involves creating solutions along with relationships that will either be of long or short term benefit to the business (Dusseau & Wilson, 2010). The marketing manager in a business will be responsible for comprehending the relationship that exists between their margins on prices along with contributions and prices along with demand (Forgang, 2004). They will also be responsible for understanding the relationships existing between the promotions of their budget along with increasing awareness for the business products. The marketing manager and his team should be charged with the task of establishing the business sales budget and accessibility to these funds (Sitomer, 2010). The marketing department in a business may be affected by the new products that are being launched by the research & development departments since they had not been accounted for in their operations and are unknown in the market (Wankel, Arthur & Stoner, 2009). The activities of these departments can also be affected by a business’s production capacity along with the costs it incurs in its operations (Dusseau & Wilson, 2010). Finances in a business are used as measures for ascertaining whether a business is making profits on its investments or not. Finances in a business are mainly affected by their time values since they change on a day to day basis (Sitomer, 2010). Businesses allocate their money and assets to certain uses but under conditions of uncertainty or certainty (Bossche, Gijselaer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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