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Managing Diversity - Assignment Example

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Managing Diversity Name Institution Introduction This paper addresses the employee’s relation and work motivation in the theory of job execution in any business setting (Lucas, 2012). The big question that recurs in this paper is what motivation is and how it harnesses in any organization…
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Managing Diversity
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"Managing Diversity"

Download file to see previous pages This research intends to provide a more integrated perspective considering the difficulties in forming the conceptual links and difficulty in the comparability of constructs of measure and measurement. The common argument is that motivation denotes the best umbrella that includes all members and sub units of any organization and does not pin down a measurable construct. Intrinsic Motivation Intrinsic motivation refers to the motivation that sources from within an individual rather than from any other external sources like rewards, salary increase and or grade improvement. This motivation comes from the pleasure that an individual gets from the task he is pursuing or the sense of satisfaction on completion of a certain given task (Lucas, 2012). An intrinsically motivated person will function willingly because the task he is performing is enjoyable or has passion for it. He works to solve a problem that is challenging and provide a sense of pleasure and task completion too (Bennett, 2004). The dire point of reference is that the intrinsically motivated person does not work because of the reward attached to the task but works g to get enjoyment from the task. However, this does not mean that the intrinsic motivated person does not seek for rewards but it rather means that the external reward is not enough to keep the person motivated. For example in a tamed case, a student may want to get a good grade on a given assignment, however, if the assignment is not interesting, the possibility of a good grade is not sufficient to maintain students motivation in the projects efforts. Psychologists argue that people perform better when they perform a task because they have passion for it rather than when a reward is designated (Tony, 2002). There is a current common question whether or not the extrinsic motivation top a persons has an effect on the intrinsic motivation. Researches have shown that having an extrinsic motivation fir something that would naturally be intrinsically motivated decreases the intrinsic motivation (Wilson, 2005). Researches have shown that, how an individual perceives the rewards determines whether it has effect on the intrinsic motivation. For example, an athlete may feel that the reward may be due to his foreseen incompetency and this significantly lower his intrinsic motivation. Another athlete may be extrinsically rewarded and directly translate to a positive feedback. The common argument is that individuals differ enormously in what makes them happy. There is no reason as to why money or grades for students should not improve their performance what matters are the individual difference and the different motivation ways (Lucas, 2012). All researchers have assumed that rewards simply make the person less interested in the intrinsic joys of an activity. Rewards may generally cause an individual to pursue an individual less because of the effects that come along with the rewarding like performance anxiety. Therefore, the general impression that comes along with extrinsic rewarding is that, rewarding undermines the intrinsic motivation (Bennett, 2004). Too many studies have supposedly proved that intrinsic motivation has serious flaws in logic and too many uncontrolled variables that requires more scientific rigor. Ethnocentrism This is the habit of looking at the world primarily from the dimension of ethnic culture an event, which has proven significant in the social sciences (Lucas, 2012). Ethnocentric has bias ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managing Diversity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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Managing Diversity
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Managing Diversity
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