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Starting a Business Online - Assignment Example

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Starting a Business Online Answer 1 The conception of e-business or business online considers the transaction of products and/or services through the electronic media in which the significance of domain names is often regarded to be quite high (Stead & Gilbert, 2001)…
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Starting a Business Online
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Download file to see previous pages It is in this context that reselling of domain names to third parties, as mentioned in the case, is likely to increase the chances of fraudulent and miscommunication in the business process further leading to customer dissatisfaction. This can be considered as a legality constraint while selling a domain name (Clayton & Moore, 2011). In the referred case, the domain name of the organization can be identified playing a vital role to provide a professional appearance in the online business which can be more viable for the enterprise in its future conducts. However, the domain names also transmit some disputes along with it. For instance, the selling of domain names are often identified to increase the risks of subjectivity in terms that the future prospects of generating significant cash flows in future can raise confusions in calculating its proper valuation (Investopedia, 2012). Therefore, considering the future chances of generating larger cash flows and other constraints in terms of subjectivity and legality, it would be a better decision not to sell the domain name at the quoted price. Answer 2 The catalog display in the e-commerce involve with the facilities to display the products or the features of providing services with regards to online sales. The concept of e-commerce entails with the visual communication about various products/services along with the different varieties, ingredients, and pricing options to the customers. The catalog display of e-business is one of the major tools which communicates and provides browsing options in order to assist the user in acquiring the desired products/services presenting additional and comprehensive information concerning promotional offers (Chopra, n.d.). Similarly, the shopping cart is also regarded as one of the major facets in the e-commerce business model. It assists the customers to maintain a track of the products purchased of those which have been selected for purchased through the electronic shopping carts. It further allows the customers to check and recheck their purchases adding new items in the cart as well as, if wished, removing any products while making their ultimate purchases. This in turn can assist the organization to build up a productive relationship with its targeted customer group (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, n.d.). Furthermore, the business transaction processing signifies the set of practice or actions of performed through online or e-commerce software. It is often regarded to act as a system which is performed as a base for other allied operations in the online e-commerce system and thus play a vital role in serving the customers in a better way. As customers are able to obtain superior quality assistance from the marketer through online sites owing to the virtues of transaction processing, organizational are also benefited in terms of enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty (Becherer & Halstead, 2004). Answer 3 In this present competitive scenario, the online business entrepreneurs must need to look after various criteria to facilitate the customers rendering them ease in accessing the site. Therefore, building the online website as per the customers’ convenience is one of the crucial factors to accumulate and sustain in the current competitive e-commerce portfolio. The initial step of instigating an e-business model is the registration of a special domain which should reflect the registered name of the organization. The next step ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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